Messages From The Divine

Tools for Healing and Releasing Fear 

We are feeling stressed and tired with all the energy around us being so intense. Fear, health, political, will we be safe? Will our loved ones be safe? It seems like we are pulled in a million directions like a mighty current taking us into the unknown. Not quite having the words or understanding of it all yet, only that we are being propelled forward by some mighty unseen hand. That things are crumbling around us, structure and safety, as we have once known it, can’t be grasped. Feeling fear and excitement battling within us as some part of us knows we are moving towards freedom but not quite conscious of all we are letting go. The unknown. Some are feeling lost in it all. The best way to find your center is to stop the noise for a second. Stop take several deep breaths and then breathe deeper still. This brings you into the present instead of “what ifs”, allows you to raise your vibration above viruses and fear. Concentrate on what is going right, what you love about a person. Go outside and be revived and nourished. Gratitude, love and joy, hold higher vibrations and transform lower virus thought form energies, and fear. If you feel tired or off...take things that strengthen your immune like Vitamin C, Elderberry, zinc, and Grapefruitseed extract. Homeopathic’s like Oscillococcinum help all kinds of weird virus’s and flu. 200c Arnica in homeopathic help emotional body and fear. Feel what works for your body. What strengthens it instead of stress and fear. One tool is to Imagine pure golden source light pouring in your crown and out your fingers and toes. Imagine that this light is so filled with love and healing and your breathing this energy in and negative or denser energies and emotions are clearing and transforming and moving out of your body. Do this until only this healing light and love remains. Turn this light into a shower of rainbow light and again it’s moving thru your body and energy fields outside your body. Let it run like a shower until the color coming out your hands and toes is vibrant. Healing, repairing and rejuvenating. Take care of yourself, love yourself and give yourself grace as we move through this transformative time. 
You are loved,

Supporting the 5D Body 

As we clear more of the 4D the place I call the veil. The place that holds the stories and energies of lower density creations, the binding geometry, subliminal messages of control, Miasms and energetics of aging and disease. As these mirrored realities of 4D begin to transform and crumble there is a remembrance coming forward in our earth and each soul on it. Not a rebirth per-say, more of a recreation as we remember the higher light that we are. As the earth started it’s descent Into lower density to learn, evolve and grow many of the original beings of light that lived on the earth went into higher realms and realities to hold guardianship for us. Our world was thrown into darkness almost instantly. For they hold the cities of light and cathedrals of light that are now anchoring back to the earth in our awareness. I call these beings the ancient wisdom keepers or the shining ones. They are linked to almost every creation story of most indigenous tribes. They are the original star beings, the ancient civilizations not talked about in our history books that walked our earth in higher awareness and light. Their records and recordings lost to us. Their teachings buried unless you tap into the higher realms of light. Really they are us and we hold a knowing, a remembrance that is coming forward now. I work with these guardians and ancient wisdom keepers when I’m called to certain places on the earth to heal or unlock keys placed there for this time. To unravel bindings that blocked ley lines and power grids of the earth. Thank you all for being part of the global clearing of the coronavirus. As we took a stand and held the frequency of love it allowed the final bridging to happen for us to clear 4D and man made agendas and step even more into divine will. 2019 and 2020 has dug up our deepest fears, limiting belief patterns and the anchors of our ancestors. As the 5D energies pour onto the earth now anchored in 6D and 7D geometry and codes of light, it is asking us to transform and bring forth buried soul lines and anchors as we come into remembrance of who we are and who we came to be. The shinning ones walking the earth we are creating. Side by side with our star families. There is an enlivening energy we can feel now, an awakening pulse, as this influx of higher codes of light pour onto our earth. As we are linked back up and realigned through the sun and planetary gateways infused with these highest codes and keys of luminous loving light. 
In the last few days this as been even more accelerated, causing a jump in the awakening and dimensional shift of our dormant DNA. That 97% that scientist called junk DNA. As we shift at a deep cellular level your body will have to cope at a very accelerated pace. That means you will have a reaction to the energy of what you put into your body almost instantly. I know I just talked about this in previous channels but can’t stress enough. So many people are calling me with health, digestion, glandular and body issues. Because we are one, we take in the energy of what we eat. That means if that animal was treated badly or abused we feel it. If it’s GMO or processed our bodies don’t recognize the codes and cant digest it properly. Plants and fruits actually tell and talk to the body through cellular coding. It Tells the body how to process and digest what it is eating. It speaks in a language of frequency just like crystals and minerals of the earth. Using these tools of life force and healing help the body In this accelerated shift to recode the DNA, to regenerate, rejuvenate and repair, to move into optimal health. The more you eat high life force foods, things high on ORAC chart, and support your glandular and cellular with mineral salts, cocoa, chia, sesame, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. To limit meat as that is where the Coronavirus started from, showing we are moving more and more out of harmony with eating mistreated and low energy things. 

I am coming out with a cookbook of full flavor, life force cooking with some of my favorite recipes. Implementing what I’ve been told from my own guidance and how I now eat from high frequency rainbow whole plant based foods. How I worked on balancing and changing my body over the last few years. Mindful eating that taste good, gets rid of cravings and brings your body and organs into harmony. This will be coming out with my new Ecourse New Day...New You. This course is filled with tools, DNA upgrades and activations to walk in more harmony with the 5D energies now on the planet. This will be coming out in April for Spring rebirth. If you are interested please sign up on my website for newsletter and mailings and you will be the first to know..                                              

Meanwhile, Put good nourishing foods in your body. Foods that are filled with life force and nutrition for the energy your body needs to replenish your cellular. Try to get the minerals and vitamins that you need through eating the rainbow of whole foods. Become in harmony with the earth and the animals in it. Protecting them and treating them with kindness and love while keeping their environments clean.  Keep our ecosystems whole and healthy so they may balance our environments, cleansing and replenishing the air we breathe and nourishing,vitalizing our soil for the food we eat. 

Much Love,

Higher Chakra's Transforming Lower Chakra's-Body Support 

The energy has been so amped the last couple of weeks. Our bodies are going through so many changes. The higher chakras opening to higher vibrations allowing the lower chakras to purge lower density structures of past and ancestral anchors. Pushing fears and limiting beliefs we are most resistant to, right to the top to be viewed. Reflections strong as you can’t run or hide from self as easily anymore. Forgiveness of self and others allows you to no longer empower the past, but take ownership of your emotions. To no longer be ruled from a reactive state but to choose where you want to place your power. As you rise in vibration...Symptoms of glandular shift can cause heart to palpate or beat irregularly, hormonal system to need extra support, body to be tired and need extra rest to reset. Can have cold or flu symptoms. Extra magnesium and potassium seem to be coming in for a lot of people. Bananas, bananas!! Eating more superfoods and life force foods can give the body what it needs to make these shifts as codes of light continue to download our DNA, consciousness and bodies. Most important is Love yourself during this time. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. No more sacrificing your self to please others. You matter. You matter. You matter. As the planets align and frequency gets even higher, you are the Phoenix rising from the ashes of old systems and patterns into the luminous being you were always meant to shine. Never rejected, abandoned or separate, that is an illusion of perception. You hold and are the spark of God. In entanglement with everyone and everything. That is the quantum we are now becoming aware of. You are love❤️ you are loved❤️ 
Much Love, 
Rose of Gaia 
Pic from Bealtaine at Uisneach site in Rathnew Ireland. 
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Janus Figures on Boa Island - Mysterious Places Sacred Site Tours 

Mysterious carvings from our pagan past. The Janus figures in Caldragh graveyard on Boa Island. Over 2000 years old and one of Ireland’s most famous stones. This is another one of those places where the veil is thin. These stones are powerful and there is an other worldly feeling that I have never felt before as I entered this site. The elementals here are not the usual. Deep and mysterious watching but not quick to communicate. Asking me to really let go and open to an unfamiliar energy. The message is that magic is not outside of you but something you are. Open to the unseen worlds and allow yourself to unlock what you have not yet allowed to come forward. You will visit us again and then you will be ready. Still processing and integrating this place and the magic it holds. ..... 

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Uragh Standing Stones - Sacred Site Tours 

Uragh Stones in Gleninchaquin Park, Ireland. 
Here at Uragh Stones at 1:11 on 10:10. You feel the energy and beauty strong here. As you hike up the trails of sheep, you feel the sadness of loss and the joy of celebration as we move through the cycles of time in ebb and flow. Once up the view opens to the Uragh Stone circle surrounded by hills, waterfalls and lochs. The faerie is strong here and the Elven energy. The message was stand in the truth of who you are. Don’t let others diminish who you are because they can not stand with you. Sometimes by trying to diminish you and the truth you hold so brightly it allows them not to see. But this is never true and always an illusion as you know. For you can’t run from your own truth very far. Be brighter, be louder for more and more will need guidance as they open and awaken to a world they never knew existed but somewhere deep within them is a knowing that it was always so. As they wake from a deep and long slumber many will need to come to these power sites holding the records of harmony and true earth paths. Share them and the messages for many need to connect and hear them now. 
Much Love, 
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We are constantly mirroring and reflecting situations, behaviors and emotions to grow and learn from each other. If you find yourself in reaction then your reacting from past situations. Your in judgement letting your perception put a past story on a current event. This keeps you playing out the same story over and over. This keeps you repeating the past. The very thing you want to change. Stepping back, taking a breath and allowing yourself to really observe the situation and the emotions coming up in you, allows you to have a different outcome. To own your own emotions and know why this reaction is coming up in your external world that is a reflection of your inner one. What fear, behavior, belief do  you need to shift in you. It is never really about the other person, it always comes down to you. They are the mirror reflecting yourself back to you. When you do this, you truly allow the past to go and all the pain and trauma that is buried deep within you. You quit living from a past perception of wounding and are able to meet the situation in who you are now. From a place of being fully present, no agenda of the outcome, Grace and healing. This allows the mirror and reflection to change. To really see the situation and have compassion for yourself and the other person.  To allow yourself to be present in the now. Not ruled by emotions and behaviors of the past. To create beautiful reflections in the now. Change your perceptions. Change your world. It’s your story to create. 
Much Love,


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Play, Play, Play 

Walking the beach picking up a favorite stone. Feeling the vibration of the sand as it hums beneath my feet. Taking a moment to reset from all the energy that has been hitting us, asking us to change, to shift from old identities and behaviors. In this moment I am reminded that everything is balance. To just enjoy this time. To laugh and play for a moment. To let all the noise around me stop and just be. To be in balance, to be in harmony,  means sometimes we just take a walk on the beach and do nothing but Laugh at our world and ourselves. To not get too caught up in it all or lost in the work of it. In this Pisces moon maybe we play a little, dream a little. Be silly and laugh. To enjoy this beautiful earth. I mean look at this beach and all it’s color. I think even Gaia is laughing with me. I like to think she’s dancin beside me. We are here to serve, but to also be in joy, to laugh, to play and have fun with each other. We have all worked so hard, it’s 2020...Let’s take a moment to laugh, to reset  and be in harmony with self. 

Rogie Falls - Sacred Site Tours 

A beautiful day at Rogie Falls, a series of waterfalls on the Black waters in Ross-shire, in the Highlands of Scotland. I am here with a small group on one of my sacred sites tours, 

As we walk the path towards the falls I begin to quiet the noise of tourist and tap into the true magic of this site. The Tuatha de come in instantly to let me know this is another one of their power sites and thus a sacred line. I feel the ancient wisdom of the tribes and hear and feel the rainbow flutes playing and activating as I’m transported through different realms and dimensions touching this power node of the earth. These flutes let me know I am at an entry portal to other realms. I feel the magic of the elementals and fairy beings as they lead the way to a beautiful oasis and tree circle overlooking the falls. I am asked to sit on a huge rock guardian as I receive a message. 

Beautiful Sofia Of The Rose—Galactic Mother 

The group and I are asked to take in a rainbow rose activation and a divine anointing of the feminine. A crowning of our sovereignty, as we are asked to lead the way as the divine feminine. We are asked to bring this healing through our wombs and healing of our own pain and trauma of the masculine. For we carry all recordings of the masculine within our wombs, our cellular. For we are birth, we are all. To heal this first separation causing so much disharmony and rejection inside of us. They ask us to bring this healing through our own body templates healing our own sexuality. Bringing it back into union, into sacredness. We were given a honey elixir in the etheric to take in our own timing and amount. We each had to agree and say "yes". As the golden liquid slid down our throats you could feel the light codes of this golden light upgrading our fields and systems instantly. I felt the letting go of our old body templates of dis-ease, unbalance and disharmony transform. A frequency vibrated and tingling moved through my cellular and DNA as the translations of these New body templates of health, regeneration, rejuvenation and higher concessions coded into my body. Allowing the group to access the greater templates and grids of the planetary, galactic and cosmic lightbody matrix and upgrading them all. As we took in our own healing at this level we were able to send it out to all the masculine, feminine, elementals, and beings of the earth. For we hold the transformation of it all. We were asked to take the lead as the feminine. For this time the Feminine will do this through love, kindness , and acceptance. Let the healing begin and the sacred union within self. 

There was a profound honoring to us, the elementals, star beings, animals, and emissaries of light. For there were many gathered around us in this moment. The support and unity I felt was in such totality, it is hard to describe in words. It was a deep feeling of completion. Many time loops coming together. I felt Celebration and such joy as we shared our joy with the elementals and the fairy beings around us. And they shared there's with us. We were asked to pick a little piece of purple and red Heather and a rock to bring the energy back with us. 

My heart flooded with emotion. It was sweetness... I felt the divine feminine as such softness, as an all accepting compassionate hug. For we were given Grace and now held it within us. Nothing to do but share it with you❤️🙏🌹

Deep Gratitude 

On this day of Love I want to acknowledge gratitude for my amazing friends, family, sisterhood and community. There are many different states of Gratitude. We can enjoy and appreciate something and have gratitude. We can go deeper still with feelings and emotion of gratitude that expands us into states of joy. There is deeper still where you just radiate bliss and love. This state builds a field that touches many and is transformative. It is here that I think we bring in our biggest manifestations, for it is a field of unity. This is the place I find myself when I think of all the amazing people I have in my life that love and support me. An amazing group of people of all ages, that when I call upon, always stand by me in love and service to the earth. We are often bombarded by negativity and what’s wrong with the earth. I want you to know that  behind the scenes are beautiful groups of people working tirelessly in service to the earth and you. They are in every country and every walk of life. Working for a better earth and for peace. Dreaming and building communities of light. Representing abundance, harmony, peace and love for the betterment of everyone, not just themselves. I know these people and many of them touch my life. If we could all go into this deep state of gratitude for the acceptance, support and love we hold for ourselves, each other and the earth. Wow what a field of transformation We create. I hold today this deep state of gratitude to the amazing woman and men in my life that love and support me. Go out of their way for me. That are always there no matter what. I thank you deep in my heart because without you I don’t think I could walk my path as joyously, for there are many days I am tired. You pick me up, brush me off, and send me back on my path with love. You radiate hope and faith when I slip. You expand me and the field of love I hold. I thank you endlessly my brothers and sisters holding such light and love despite the negativity, for we never do it alone. It takes many masters. Today representing love let’s all go into this state of deep gratitude and bliss for each other, freedom to live in harmony and love. That everyone has the abundance they need. Let’s create a grid that touches every place of suffering on this earth. Together we create powerful fields of love and bliss that light up the earth. Join me in this deep state of gratitude that we are all here together at this time, on this earth. For in unity we hold the power to transform it all. ️ 

Much Love️

Castlerigg Stone Circle 

Castlerigg Stone Circle is part of the Lake District near Keswick in Cumbria England.  

A place of sacred gathering and ancient rituals. You feel the power and beauty of the mountains that surround this ring. The healing vibrations that emanate from this circle are powerful, a place to take in  wisdom and messages from spirit. A cuddle from Gaia. 

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