Messages From The Divine

Deep Gratitude 

On this day of Love I want to acknowledge gratitude for my amazing friends, family, sisterhood and community. There are many different states of Gratitude. We can enjoy and appreciate something and have gratitude. We can go deeper still with feelings and emotion of gratitude that expands us into states of joy. There is deeper still where you just radiate bliss and love. This state builds a field that touches many and is transformative. It is here that I think we bring in our biggest manifestations, for it is a field of unity. This is the place I find myself when I think of all the amazing people I have in my life that love and support me. An amazing group of people of all ages, that when I call upon, always stand by me in love and service to the earth. We are often bombarded by negativity and what’s wrong with the earth. I want you to know that  behind the scenes are beautiful groups of people working tirelessly in service to the earth and you. They are in every country and every walk of life. Working for a better earth and for peace. Dreaming and building communities of light. Representing abundance, harmony, peace and love for the betterment of everyone, not just themselves. I know these people and many of them touch my life. If we could all go into this deep state of gratitude for the acceptance, support and love we hold for ourselves, each other and the earth. Wow what a field of transformation We create. I hold today this deep state of gratitude to the amazing woman and men in my life that love and support me. Go out of their way for me. That are always there no matter what. I thank you deep in my heart because without you I don’t think I could walk my path as joyously, for there are many days I am tired. You pick me up, brush me off, and send me back on my path with love. You radiate hope and faith when I slip. You expand me and the field of love I hold. I thank you endlessly my brothers and sisters holding such light and love despite the negativity, for we never do it alone. It takes many masters. Today representing love let’s all go into this state of deep gratitude and bliss for each other, freedom to live in harmony and love. That everyone has the abundance they need. Let’s create a grid that touches every place of suffering on this earth. Together we create powerful fields of love and bliss that light up the earth. Join me in this deep state of gratitude that we are all here together at this time, on this earth. For in unity we hold the power to transform it all. ️ 

Much Love️


Let it flow. Get outside. Travel the world and the unknown. Let nature spark your imagination and let creativity ripple out. Imagination is the gateway to higher intuition, to expanding your other senses. For if you can not imagine or comprehend it...then you can not  open up to the other realms and worlds there are to explore. Expand your other eyes and senses. For there is so much more to know then this tiny little world you see. Open up to more. Let rigidity go. 

In this picture I see sea castles and fairy’s fluttering about. Mystical and magical and I am pulled into another realm. What do you see? Let go and let your imagination open the door. 
This picture was taken off the coast of The Big Island of Laupahoehoe, A week before the volcano erupted. So many other worlds here to explore. Let yourself move into the world of the sea. Let it guide you into your magical flow. Have fun today let your imagination inspire you and open the door to higher guidance and consciousness.

Iona Chapel: A Sacred Moment 

A sacred moment, a sacred place, on sacred land. A place where the ancient wisdoms come through from civilizations long forgotten, from the elementals still here and the stones and earth that hold the recordings of it all. A place of quiet reflection, of meditation. A place where you can go deep into the inner and remember who you are, to know self. To find self-love and acceptance of the beautiful being that you are. Transformation. 
I still have a few spots open for the May trip if you feel called to sacred sites like this, beautiful places of nature, and to explore the world with me. I guarantee you will be changed forever. Transformed in the sacred energies of Gaia and wisdom from civilizations imprinted in the energy of power spots on earth. If you feel called to grow and evolve as you immerse yourself in transformational energy, you can reserve your space on the May trip by putting a deposit down. I can’t wait to share this adventure with you.

Be Compassion, Be Hope 

We are in times where people are feeling vulnerable. They need to know that there is compassion, kindness and hope. They are getting stimulated with negative messages of fear and anxiety. So many changes that make them feel unsafe. As each person tries to free themselves from past struggles and hardships, from old identities and habits that are not in alignment with their souls. As governments and countries shift and change, because consciousness is shifting. Even if it can not be seen yet. People need to know that they are safe to change. Safe to let go when the outside world isn't quite reflecting the peace yet. The new's and social media like to remind people daily on how unsafe this change feels. How hopeless it is. Many know this is an illusion, yet its hard to remain strong when there is chaos and constant reminders of things not going well. Know positive change is eminent , there is no anchor of the old left to hold. Hold the hope for unity in our communities and open hearts that are ready to help when someone is down. Be that beacon of light, that soft hug, that gentle reminder that they are loved. Be the breath that reminds them to let go, to breathe, that there is nothing to do but be themselves. That Love is the biggest transformer. Really nothing else matters in the end but, how did you love? How did you open to receive it?. What wisdom did you gain in this journey and how did you share it?, You each have something special inside. Let it shine out. Let it touch as many hearts as you can. For you are the Light. The Leaders. The Wayshowers.

Picture taken on The Big Island, Hawaii

You are a Star Being 

Ice holds many codes and recordings of millions of years on earth. As more of the ice melts, our earth receives the wisdom of ancient civilizations of past. Our bodies are made up of particles and elements of the stars. It’s our home, where it all started. All elements of the universe come from the stars. We are mostly star dust it is what makes up 93% of us. The calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood...our universe, our planet, our bodies consist of particles of star dust that was born from an explosion of the stars in Gods creation. You are made of flesh and blood, yet originate from the consciousness of the stars. The ice holds this awareness. It holds the purity of the galactic rays of light. Activate your stellar consciousness now. Open those higher chakra gateways above your crown and anchor your higher awareness in. You are a star being having a human experience. You came to experience great love. Self love. Self acceptance for you can be no other than perfect. You are a being of the light. Ancient and filled with mastery. Remember who you are beyond your human experiences. As more love pours onto the planet and more of the true, pure rainbow rays bust through old barriers our bodies will shift into this higher awareness able to hold more light. Breathe the rainbow light in...for this is home. This takes you deep into your heart where your true intelligence lies. Here is where you activate your quantum DNA to live in harmony and optimal health. It activates the dormant stem cells, waiting now to be activated to rejuvenate, regenerate, and repair tired rogue cells for a healthy, balanced body. Allow this consciousness poring in from above and in the melting ice to know permeate you’re being. Just intend and it is. Connect to the pure organic source light and your higher self. Ask to speak to your quantum innate intelligence and ask that it begin to activate your dormant stem cells and  quantum DNA.. These stem cells go dormant at 1 day old. See these tiny microscopic stem cells begin to activate and halo with light. Ask that you raise you frequency and bring in the frequency to activate these cells now. See them halo and begin to fill with light. Send them to any area that needs healing. Any area you want to repair or rejuvenate. Now ask that your body upgrade to to the highest frequency it can hold at this time. To upgrade your organs and organ systems, your chakra and chakra systems. Now ask your body to go to zero point and reset. I will have MP3 meditations to amplify this activation by end of Feb. Can't wait to share it with you all. 

Much Love, 


02.02.2020 Gateway: Quantum Leaps 

We are in a time we can make quantum gains in our souls journey to love more, and create more joy for ourselves if we listen to where our heart wants to lead us. So much love is flowing onto the earth and thru us as the pure creational rays break through barriers and pour back onto our earth. Breaking down old systems of control and separation. We gather as one, each country connecting now to each other for we are not so different...and the ways that keep us separated, are starting to dissolve. Let go of judgements of religion, skin, heritage, and race for there are many ways to get there. Value others journeys and their wisdom they have gained within it. For it will not be just one way, but many voices that get us to health and thriving as a planet. Many beings of many races, coming together to bring their wisdom and mastery for the good of the whole. Memory of even why we kept ourselves separate or why we had judgement will begin to fade as we learn to honor and value each other. For there are many colors that make up the rainbow. Reach out to your Neighbor in times of need. Let them know you care. If you see someone struggling reach out and let them know they are not alone in this. For that is what leaps our planet, the coming together of souls in compassion. It spikes the earth grids and shifts the earth in ways you can’t quite conceive or comprehend yet.   In this time and quantum gateway that opened on 1/22  and builds in strength from 02/02/2020 thru 02/22/2020 you will experience even more waves of energy, body and awareness shifts. Some might experience time glitches as we experience these preparatory raises in our vibration and frequency. Magnetic and electrical fields will shift as well as our body’s relationship to them. Moving us towards a leap in our planet and our own awareness. Be kind to yourself and each other. We are all being pushed in ways that grow our souls, but it’s not to suffer or be in unhealthy relationships, it is to free yourself from old patterns and what no longer serves you. Don’t hide from the truth your divine self is lighting up for you to see.  Instead look deep. Go into the heart where the divine lives. It will guide you to your next step. Sometimes we fear where the path is taking us or that we got it wrong, as if that is even possible dear soul.  Let go of your doubts and trust where your heart sings, where your joy is, for that’s the heart leading you into freedom. It wants you to break free of suffering and struggle to experience deep soul love and joy. Freedom of peace and purpose. Listen for as you free yourself, you free the planet. Trust healthy and loving relationships. If they bring you joy and enhance you then they are right, if not then free your self. Don’t let past dictate your future. Allow your self the freedom to love fully and express fully the beauty that you are. Shine fully the light you are. For that is why you are here. To create beauty, love and light on this planet. To allow old systems to crumble that do not serve the whole, and bring new ones in of light and freedom. Lend your strength and love to others,  shine your truth and light. Express your passion and gifts, for each and every one of you is needed️ Trust that you are here for a reason and part of the shift. You are so loved❣️ 

Ladies of the Rose

Divine Partnerships 

We have a message for you on the shifting of the stigma placed on what is beauty, feminine and masculine. As I look around at all the woman and men around me I see beauty everywhere. I see women around me that are in their late 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s. They are sharp as tacks, full of wit and beauty. Some are letting their hair go white and they are emitting  a glow, a breath taking beauty that they are walking and embodying, as the feminine is being freed to be and become. I watch younger woman no matter what shape embodying security, confidence  and a grace that is new. I see men wanting more  authenticity from the feminine as they reach for their own truth. The  stigma of what it is to be feminine, what it is to be beauty is shifting as well. 
It is now time for the coming together of the true pairs. This is part of this shift. Those that are part of this know who you are. You have been busy doing your work on self, releasing judgements, becoming more authentic in who you innately are,  walking more and more in unconditional love, letting go of beliefs and patterns that have held you back in constrictions and restrictions,  a surrender has come over you, an allowing. You have journeyed this to prepare you for this time. For your beloved your true pair might not look like you think they should look. This is to release the final stigmas and constructs on what Love is. In times past many of you went by attraction and idea of pleasing and being  held to what others thought or society said should be on the other end of your arm. For what is beauty? What are you worthy of? So you went by attraction and tried to make them fit in a mold, tried to make them fit you.To find they never truly fit. It just didn’t work. For your soul wants more. To expand in love, in relationship. 
Your worthy of unconditional love, your worthy of walking your authenticity, fully being who you are. So these pairings might not look like what you are usually attracted to. Might not be the relationship you think it should be at first. This allows a becoming, a deeper connection. A learning to surrender and let go.  Some of you have already met and may have not activated yet. You came together early not yet activated to prepare each other and work together on final pieces. In order to move into a deeper relationship later. Some have yet to meet. You’ll know this person because their the first person you think of when you want to share something important. You have a love and connection you can’t quite explain but it’s there. They match you in vibration and mission to serve. These pairings heal the earth. They bring healing to the disfunction between the male/female relationships of old paradigms. They stand equal in partnership in divine union. Coming together having done their work to bring unconditional love back to the earth. Celebrate and be in joy as we move into the new earth. A new way of relating and being with ourselves and each other. 
Much Love, 
Ladies of the Rose

Messages From The Island 

As I sit in my favorite spot on the ancient Druid chapel. A place that has anchored so many shifts not only personally but for the earth. Some miraculous and some not easy. I hold prayers for all those struggling in this shift. So much is happening that is shaking humanity up and taking each of us out of our comfort zone. I feel so much, as so many are in pain and not seeing the hope. Some are being asked to step up and lead, to speak up, to share wisdom. Some are being asked to go internal to heal and rejuvenate for they have been on the front lines too long. They need to be replenished. Some are loosing everything to realize that they have everything inside them and the rest is just stuff. To receive in places they never allowed or thought possible. Places they didn’t feel worthy of. To realize and feel the communities around them and how much they are loved. To hold the catalyst that brings us together as communities of light, of peace. Some are leaving relationships that hold in old identities, crutches or patterns to choose love of self and empowerment, growth. Some are sick or have loved ones struggling or leaving the earth. I pray for strength and courage for each and everyone of you as you face what ever challenges or paths that are before you. 2019 was a year that asked me to surrender everything. I left everything I knew to step into the unknown. To let go of the identity I had built, to surrender into, “things don’t have to look the way I think they should,” to allow and surrender again. To face every fear that I had, every crutch that I had in place for survival. To let most of my possessions go only to realize I don’t need much, it’s only stuff. To live simply, To experience a new country, new work, new relationships, new ways of doing things, as nothing was familiar. To find new way of showing up for my children. In this process my heart opened even more. Loved even more until I reached a place that was wild and free. I call it the wild heart. A place I no longer had to justify, but could just be. A place where I wasn’t obligated but could choose where to serve, where to give that was loving and harmonious to me. I let every last place where I was defensive go. A complete surrender of every identity I held on to. People ask me how I stay so positive, that it must be easy for me. I say again it’s a choice. I have faced my own challenges, my own struggles, days when nothing makes sense. My own why’s, why this or that, why do I have to hold right action when others don’t? I am a Virgo 🤦🏻‍♀️ so very much have I had to surrender the why’s and even understandings, and the endless round and round the brain wants to take you, to live in my heart. To let fear and what if’s, go. To live from my heart. For I don’t get a free pass. I am tested all the time to walk my talk. Not to be perfect, for some days I fail miserably, but to show up and walk my best. To face my own mirrors and internal voices and transform them. 2020 is still asking me to surrender into the unknown but in a place that I know I’m becoming exactly who I came here to be. To lead unapologetically and share my mastery and gifts. To speak out more and share my journey and wisdom I gained to those that relate. To connect to those I feel to reach out to and let go of those that are no longer in harmony with me. Not in judgement but a true honoring of their path. For there are many ways to get there, it does not have to be mine. To know I have an endless amount of love to give. To know that my heart can’t be broken in love, it can only open to more love. To know you can’t loose something, for everything is energy and in that it can only transform and become something else. To express itself in a different way, not less, just different. To know that even though it makes no sense today, the knowing will come tomorrow or when I’m ready to know. To hold the hope when it seems hopeless. To let you know your not alone, we stand together. To remind you of the light you hold. To help you remember the master you are and the love you came to share. To remind you that the vibration of love does transform all lower densities. That joy is a choice. We have to wake up every morning and choose to live our joy. To show up each and every day the best we can. 100 percent present. To walk our purpose and not others. To Intend and trust we will be shown the way around the obstacles and given the solution to the challenges we face. To intend to create more of what brings us joy and let our thoughts leave that which does not. So I sit here in this chapel hearing the songs of the ancients before us, knowing they too faced challenges and that they too are here with us. They are lending us their strength and wisdom. That they are helping to guide us and lead us into a place of harmony with the earth, the animals, and each other. To love fully and wildly all that we are. To just be. To just breathe in the light that we are. The love that is eternal and infinite within us. So today I remind you that you are loved and I pray you find the peace you are seeking and know how much you matter. For you are the light that may guide the person beside you. You never know how many lives you touch with just a smile❤️ I laugh because as I write this a storm is kicking up. In the distance I see a ferry braving the storm to take those that need a way, to the other side safely. You got to love spirit and the messages we get daily. So in this time of shifts, unknowing and moving from one structure to another. Please know that if you find yourself struggling, there are those in place to guide you safely to the other side. Trust spirit, the Divine to propel you forward to the best spot. Trust your knowing. Listen to where your being led for your safety or your best path. This Might show up as An internal voice, an earth angel or heavenly guidance, but no matter what the form, you are not alone. You are always guided. There is a divine hand always guiding with yours to your intention, to your desire, to Safety, To Home in the heart. ❤️


Bringing In The New Year & Everything Else New  

 Spent the holiday in England with my daughter Taylor and Ben. Her boyfriends family was so welcoming. I want to just say a huge Thank you for making a welcoming and beautiful Christmas for me. Not having the rest of my kids and family here and not having our traditions was hard, but it was also amazing to let new traditions in and seeing how other countries and families celebrate. I found that the more I let go of the past and how I like to do things or have always done them, the more fun and beautiful it became. I could really open to a different way of being and showing up this holiday. Really showing me how much we hold onto an idea of how things should look that really impairs us from seeing the beauty and enjoying different ways of doing things, living, and celebrating. Really it comes down to how we show up, how open we are to new ways and new relationships. Are we present, are we allowing, are we really seeing the good things around us or only focused on what isn’t. What’s not the same or missing. It comes down to really where do you want to put your perception. How are you looking through that view finder. 

I just said goodbye to Taylor as she heads to New Zealand for the next few years, to start her new adventure and next phase. So much letting go this December as we head into 2020 and our next phase. I’m finding the message from my teams of, “Nothing of the old can go with us into the new”, very literal lol. New country, new work, new relationships, new traditions and ways of living, new ideas and surrendering to new ways of doing things. Whew!! What a year!! I find though that I have really learned how important it is in where we place our perceptions. Its not about never having obstacles or challenges, but how we show up for them. Are we in reaction, closed and negative. Do we let those challenges take us off our path and love of self, or are we open to shifting our perception and being guided through and around them in the best way for our own soul growth. Maybe in the end seeing the beauty of that very challenge. Happy Hollidays to you all as you let ideas, behaviors, and ways of being go, and step into the new year with new perceptions, self love, higher consciousness that will lead you on your highest path and purpose of this next phase 

Much Love to you all and A very Happy and impactful New Year ❤🙏❤ 


Peaceful Iona 

Spending the last of this year on the Island of Mull and Iona with the Highland Coo’s. If you would have told me I would manifest this place to bring in 2020,  I would not have believed you. This last gateway of 2019 has been a doozy of energy, upgrades and information coming in. As the highland cows share the road with me and walk beside my car, I feel like I’m with them walking one step at a time towards my joy. These higher codes of light are not just for a few but for everyone. If you are feeling a lot of emotion or alone this holiday, know you are loved and held in this light. You are not alone, we are all in this together, taking one step at a time. Walk your path. I hold you in my heart. ❤