Messages From The Divine

Lions Gate 8/8/2023 

As we move through these powerful energies that are surrounding us you might feel extreme highs and extreme lows. This is letting us see duality in a different perspective. Duality on our planet is just a magnetic pull between positive and negative charges. We are being taught by our higher selves and the consciousness of the planet to stand in the center to be in harmony and balanced in our emotions, body and spirit. To realize that we need to be in coherence with every aspect of us. To open and see many perspectives and perceptions at once. One not good or bad but a perception. For that is what we came to understand on this planet of form dear ones. To be able to experience every possibility of every expression we want to choose to experience. To know self. Every mirror around you is just showing you another perspective of yourself. Stop judging things as good and bad and realize it is just roles to fully understand both sides of the pendulum. To have many perceptions of the experience. We are always in change, you cannot fear it. Sometimes the obstacles come to move us forward in a place we are not willing to change in or we get stuck. We are constantly creating new experiences, evolving.  Go into the heart, into the void and remember who you are. You are being asked to stand in your I AM and from that place you realize that you have the understanding and the wisdom of every possible perspective of every choice. To love thyself fully. Unconditional love means dropping all judgments and loving all that you are, all you have been and all you have experienced.  The only way to do this is to feel. This place is not of the brain but through the heart and through the feelings to truly understand.

2022 Lions Gate 

We have been in deep emotional purges that has caused us to move deep into our subconscious and psyche. Going to places of clearing and letting go that we did not even realize were there. Diving deep into the ancestral and our old relationships teaching us to shift our perceptions and views in huge ways. Witnessing our behaviors and reactions that are being presented as an opportunity to let all the old wounding’s and beliefs go and wipe our blueprints free. Spirit wants you to know that your relationships with others shift powerfully every time you come to view yourself in a higher way. As you grow here you begin to release the need for self-criticisms, and second-guessing what your intuition is telling you. You begin to release that feeling that you are not enough or that you do not matter or any other feelings of smallness that constricts your life energy. You have learned to be small, to be hidden, to just survive and blend in. Now you are being asked to break free! To empower yourself as your full Master-self. The being that came to lead the way and shine the light for others to follow. To step into your true power. The energies permeating the earth right now are pushing us to do just that as we begin to open the doorways to dimensions lost to us and begin to interact with them once more. To begin to really truly understand the power of perception, love, compassion and just being. To hold gratitude for our journey and what we face daily. To be fearless as we once were. Expansion of our higher understanding and consciousness is here. During the lions gate the 8\8 more of these doorways open and connect to our energy field. This will allow us to reach into our own reality and shift it to a more masterful blueprint. As we do these shifts in our bodies records and timelines the more we will step into our full fearless and courageous selves. Walking and reacting in a masterful way our reactions and perceptions.

Heading into 2022 

As we wind up the year of 2021. A year of surrender and letting go of all that no longer serves you. Digging deep and then deeper still. Finding a place in ourselves where we no longer need to defend or justify who we are as we learn to stand in our authentic selves with no apology. The year of 2021 does not go quietly as we move through the full lunar eclipse of November into the new moon solar eclipse on Dec. 4th. Pushing us for change, letting go of fear as old systems crumble around us.  December pushes us to recognize our truest emotions, to stand in our sense of self, and to take the initiative to move boldly down a whole new path. Many are being pushed into new careers, moving to new places or opportunities, being asked to shine your light and your gifts in ways you never thought could happen. You have grown so much. Moved into higher conscious thought. Thoughts that are more positive and based in gratitude.  Manifestations are happening instantly and you are creating beautiful ways of being and living. The new earth is here and the new structure is set. You have prepared in profound ways for the changes that are coming as earth, and all life on it, moves through the ascension portals.  The key to entry is where you place your energy and thoughts. What are you preparing for? In all the noise and chaos around you, are you preparing for struggle, pain and survival? If so, that is what you will experience. If you are putting your attention and thoughts to creating a world that thrives, a life that is based in love and joy, a world that is in harmony, then that is what you will manifest and experience. Somewhere deep inside, you know this. You came to manifest during this time a whole new world. What does yours look like? You came to shine your gifts. To heal your body and pain in new ways. To forgive yourself and open your hearts to love fully. This is a magical time that you can let old ancestral karma, guilt and pain go. This is a time to heal to move forward, to leap into the new and the greatness you have prepared for. The year of 2022 is a year of action. Taking responsibility for what you are creating and not blaming circumstances or others for the reality you are experiencing. To own what you are creating and the thoughts and beliefs that are supporting it. The choice has always been yours. Choose the energy of kindness, forgiveness, love, and grace. Prepare to be abundant, joyful and thriving in all that you do. Set yourself free and then watch how fast your manifestations change as we head into 2022.

Much Love,

Rose of Gaia


As I sit with these crystalline waters pure and fluid. I’m reminded how far we have come in clearing our own internal muddy waters. Things that blocked our heart and dimmed our soul light. Here the veil is thin and you feel aligned to nature and the heartbeat of earth. To all that is around you. We are arriving to this place of purity where the past just doesn’t matter only the love we have yet to open to, shine and experience. The gateway is before us as we begin to flow crystalline just like this river into higher states of consciousness and being. Letting go of the fear that holds us back. You are worthy always. Step through and answer the call of your heart and soul.

2021 Lions Gate Portals 

We are now stepping out of the old and into the new paradigm as this lions gate opens the parallel timelines to do it. Don’t get caught up in the chaos and drama as the old crumbles and the new begins to peek through. Anchor to your wisdom and higher states of being to see the new and anchor to that. Let go of judgements and things that separate you from others for that is the illusion of the old consciousness. See yourself as the light of transformation and the love of acceptance. As each person moves through their journey of letting go of pain and trauma be the compassion, the love and the light that helps anchor in the next phase of this journey. Be the space holder of light and higher wisdom, sharing it with all, until each arrives in their perfect timing. Float in oceans of love until each cell in your body remembers the being you are. The light you are here to shine. 

Much Love, 

Lady Nada


Cosmic Upgrade April 14th 

We will be going through a big transformational period between now and the full moon on the 26th of April, and the few days after. This is a Scorpio full moon the moon of transformation and transcendence. These energies our pure source light, the Adamantine particles of transformational fire coming through our sun, activating and expanding our Chakra’s and chakra system, as well as our QI and spinal Column to hold more light and higher frequency. Equilibriums could feel off as the magnetic and neural body get upgraded to hold this frequency. This is a powerful time hitting us in a time when we are already pushed beyond our limits and comfort zone and most of us have surrendered any plans or agendas. This is a time of letting go all old programs, ancestral tapes, old safety mechanisms of control so the new can be anchored in. A time where past, present, future collide to manifest optimal pathways. So many of you are clearing up family programs....let them move to the past as they no longer need to be your story. Don’t hold the anger and pain instead transform it into love and wisdom. The anger and pain take your joy. They give negative energy to your body and cause havoc with your health. Instead send love to the parts of you that are still hurting, still holding onto the pain as your story. Give it permission to move on in love, you will find your way even if unfamiliar. Your soul knows the way and will guide you through the heart. Let the fear of the unknown go and take a step into the new. During this time you will be unifying even more internally. These powerful energies are not only a cataclysmic event that allows us to anchor in a new orientation point for our bodies in higher frequencies but also allows us to manifest in higher conscious ways of being. So focus on that which you want to create not that which is old, as those systems are crumbling even more in these higher vibrations of light. Eat in higher vibration and be kind to yourself and body. You may feel tired or have moments of feeling dizzy or off. This is just your body acclimating to a higher vibration or higher spin. Sometimes in these times our cells spin faster than our dense bodies and create a wobbly feel. Just send love to the body and allow moments of integration time, the body will get there. Use nature to help ground, water to let go and rest to integrate and reset in the new anchors of light. 


Much Love, 

Rose of Gaia

Stepping Away For A Moment 

I have only been in the states a few weeks now and have been trying to keep my own center ever since. Since landing in US, I was immediately thrown into a personal trauma, then surrounded in the amplified fear and unrest of COVID that seems to be higher in the States. If that wasn’t enough, we now are facing the devastation of the fires. Thousands loosing their homes and whole towns being destroyed. You can’t even breathe outside. The air hazardous with ash and smoke. 

Being both intuitive and an empath the noise is almost overwhelming. My compassion so strong that I could get lost in the overwhelming need to help. That prayer doesn’t seem to be enough. Even knowing that it’s not mine to fix or even transform, that it is part of a bigger structure. The old making room for the new to rebuild in ways we don’t fully understand yet. 

I find that background noise always there running in a disharmonious way that I didn’t experience in Ireland. The difference of opinions so strong here in US, in the need to be heard, that I feel a constant tug a war in the chaos that is everywhere and the volume is turned up to the highest. So much judgement, and light workers putting each other down, separation instead of support. “my way”, or delete me as your friend energy. I’m like what happened to “there are many ways to get there”, “follow your own truth”, “live your life, I accept you”. Just plain kindness and unconditional love. Even though I know it’s just the many roles playing out, I found myself needing to step away for a moment...To go inside and To quiet the noise. To self care so I can be strong when needed. When I did that I felt a softness, a gentle energy. I feel like it’s the feminine saying I’m here. It’s quiet, it’s soft, gentle, flowing in healing energy. It’s there underneath all the madness saying I’m here for you. Don’t forget about the balance. The male energy is action pushing change forward, stirring it all up. The feminine is holding the healing, the gentleness that makes it safe to let it all go. 

The mother welcoming you onto her lap for that well needed hug. To let you know it’s all going to be ok. She Wipes your tears and let’s you know you are strong and courages. That love is the most powerful tool. Peaceful power anchored in your truth, your heart, for there really is nothing to fight. For the mirror is only shining you. Can you feel her energy underneath the noise? Can you welcome this energy into you? Let this wellbeing healing energy into every cell of your body. Breathe, let go...breathe love into every cell. Let this energy raise vibration and transform everything inside of you to spill out and bring change outside of you. We are all here together to bring this shift and healing forward. Not one more important than the other. We are doing this together. Don’t forget your neighbor and the important work they may be doing. One piece does not reveal the picture. It takes many pieces of many shapes and colors to make a beautiful picture. Allow, don’t be quick to judge or dismiss. Love each other’s differences. Let the picture have time to reveal itself in divine glory. 

Divine Feminine Healing 

Divine feminine energy flowing out to the earth. Nourishing and nurturing energy that is filled with compassion and grace. Can you open and fully receive the healing touch of the feminine? Can you let the pain and suffering heal? Can you move forward and be at peace? YOU have to choose to truly move on? Let the shadows and ghosts of the past go? Open the doors and let the light shine on the monsters and skeletons you created through ancestral seeds, the past, begin to dissolve. This healing energy is here, you can access it just by asking. Your bodies are integrating all aspects of you now. They are letting go of old root systems and structure. Upgrading and dissolving the old patterns and programs of duality. This can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable like letting your familiar old blanket go that was dirty and filled with holes no longer even giving comfort. With no judgement the divine feminine asks you to come into her healing arms and be whole. There is no deserving, no questions asked,  for all are worthy. It’s time now for all to just receive and be hugged by this energy. To take it in inside of us to the deepest parts, the hidden...and let it heal. Only then can we share it outside of us. The divine feminine merged with the divine masculine Whole. Healed. Sovereign. Each part of us holding our mastery, not in competition but in wholeness within self. Nothing to defend, nothing to prove, nothing to attain just peace in being. Peace in just being ourselves, perfectly holding our individuality within, commingled with everything around us. Centered, strong, at peace even amongst the chaos. For all creation comes from intention in the chaos. Love yourself into being at the highest potential. What ever that is for you. Wherever that journey takes you. For you are here to walk that journey. Your choice, you hold the power. No one can take it. No one owns it. It’s yours, only you can take it back from places you have given it away. In that moment you are sovereign. For even freedom comes from within.

Let Go Of Division  

Division seems to be the energy we are working through during this powerful energy of Saturn and the lions gate. As we move through September we are still in this big energy. Be careful that others perceptions don’t take you off your own path or lead you away from what your are here to do. I think that we are at a time where we are led strongly on the path to our highest potential. I find as light workers sometimes we get so caught up in what we are led to do that we are not always in acceptance of other people’s paths, if they are not in alignment with ours. 

The fact is there are a few jobs to do at this time and we are each led to the job and energy we are here to hold. There are the truth seekers that are here to shine light on the truth. To bring forward the shadow in our systems and governments and shine light on the truth. To bring awareness to our politics, our medical system, our financial systems, our schools, our prisons, our environment, and animals. These are the warriors of light. They shine light on where we are holding separation and inequality. Then you have those that are holding the frame work, holding higher vibration, hope, and the energy of what we are moving towards. They can’t go down into the muck as much because they would loose that vibration. It’s not that their heads are buried in the sand or they don’t see the political or governmental issues they just can’t play there because they are not suppose to. Then you have those that are the bridges holding huge amounts of unconditional love, compassion and acceptance to help those in trauma and holding onto the past to let go. They are transformers. There only job is to hold this energy. Some are doing other jobs within this. The point is us as light workers need to be careful of judgement and energies that separate us even more. “Us and them energy”, Wrong or right”, “My way is the right way energy”. Know that each person is being guided to do the job they are here to do right now. Each equally relevant and moving us into higher states of consciousness. Each following their hearts and listening to their inner guidance. If you don’t know what that is. Just ask to be led to your highest path and what your here to do in love of self and through the heart in divine will not ego. Ask for your highest master level guidance to put you fully on your divine path. It might be different then your fellow light worker, but it’s your path. 

We are like the heron taking flight to parts unknown to our human self. But being given the strength and courage to let go of the past habits, beliefs, and actions that have gotten us here into such a state of disassociation, separation and disharmony with self. To fully surrender into trust and faith through divine will and our inner guidance system to direct us. We are the map makers. You first have to step into the higher vibration before you get the manual and how to operate. It is already Encoded in your DNA. The frequency and vibration you hold is what unlocks those operation codes, the manual per-say, the map. Don’t discount or minimize your path and the job your here to do. They are all important and they all lead us to higher vibration and frequency as beings of light. They lead us to harmony and peace but first we find that within ourselves. Trust and faith are internal as God resides within us. Our higher selves are us. That voice of God is internal and part of your voice. If you are living in and from the heart and not the mind, then know your being divinely guided and trust your part. Shine brightly who you are with no apology. Listen to your own inner guidance it’s perfectly in flow for you. Shine bright your star and take flight. 

With love️


In this world of duality We have been taught to believe in separation of everything. Many have been made to feel that they don’t matter or that they are not good enough, that we have to be something else other than ourselves to be accepted. The constant battle to fill ourselves up with things outside ourselves. To sacrifice ourselves in the need to please another. As we move into a higher conscious state of being, we realize this is the greatest lie. When we start to walk our own healing journey of self love and we accept all parts of ourselves we move into wholeness. As we love ourselves fully, only then can we truly walk in harmony and partnership with another. Only by knowing ourselves deeply can we not loose pieces of ourselves in another’s idea of who we should be. This time on this earth plane is about healing the pain, trauma and wounding that keeps us in a perception of separation. To be the being God created us to be, perfect just as we are. The truth is we are not separate we are connected to everything around us. Where you want to put your conscious thoughts is a choice. When more and more of humanity come to this realization then maybe we can lay those weapons down and be at peace. Realizing that love really is stronger than hate, acceptance much more beautiful than judgement and unity the truth over the illusion of separation. The search for control and power is just an illusion you can never really attain. Those energies just consume you. For what you believe and walk is what you create in your outside world. It’s just your mirror. When you let judgement go then you no longer feel judged. You no longer have to feel “right”, to know you matter. When you truly love yourself then you see love in the eyes of those around you. When we start to hold higher vibrations of love and joy then fear dissipates as lower frequencies can’t hold the same space. Shift your perception, shift your frequency, shift your world.

1/11 2023

Removing Distortions 2/2023

The energies of the planet are about finding balance from extreme lows and highs. As we balance these extreme emotions so will the earth. This is how we begin to change our planet and some of the natural disasters from the extremes and constant fighting to have more. To feel validated by things outside ourselves that just makes us feel like no matter how hard we try it is never enough. The energies we are connecting to override the old program is self-worth, self- acceptance, and value.  We are enough with nothing to prove. 

We are beginning to feel a leveling where reality on earth is going to start to lighten up. Because of this increased flow, we can take our next steps with confidence, knowing that a new path will appear out in front of us with each step. 

Since the beginning of 2023, it might have felt like we took a step back and like our energy was being pulled back or stalled a little with very little movement forward.  We might feel pulled back into some old levels of consciousness and some old patterns. We might wonder if we are making any progress at all, as it feels a little stuck.  But we are. This is only a temporary revisit of some old patterns, wounds, and losses, and might bring some feelings of depression and/or anxiety. This gives us all a chance to clear out that last bit of inner house cleaning, before the coming Equinox that releases the breath that sends the arrow out into our new future, which is full of possibilities and potentials. 

This cleansing that is happening in our collective reality is removing distortions in humanity’s core issues. We are seeing the crumbling of things that are out of integrity or are out of alignment with the laws of nature.  Many things can no longer be supported in the future.  We will see many things being sent to the forefront to be cleared as this collective leveling and unification process continues. This brings the balance within ourselves that is then sent out into our planet. The biggest core issue to be cleared right now, is fear itself.  Fear literally is the fuel for all the imbalances in the world and ourselves, because fear is not love. We will begin to see a fork in the road that leads us out of these energies of fear-based consciousness to one that truly empowers us and helps us hold our integrity and value in new ways. So breathe and surrender letting it just move, and you just a witness as this is transcended and the new potentials come forward. 

As we head into 2023 we are finishing up this intense year of purging the cellular and emotional body to allow us to upgrade our carbon base DNA and move more and more into a higher conscious crystalline energy. For the next few months we will be in a time of just allowing ourselves to be, needing our own space to allow us to move off of old playgrounds of beliefs and habits. We will decide who we want to be in this next phase and where we want to stand in our boundaries and the energies that we want to surround ourselves in. Moving out of the anger, irritation and frustration, into a more thriving energy. We will see more and more separation from those that can’t meet us here as we won’t be as tolerant of old behaviors and themes we once played in. Boundaries are important at this time and letting go of behaviors that do not serve you anymore. Really letting yourself thrive and not live your life to please others anymore. This is important time to stand your ground and allow yourself to become the light and joy that you are.