Heading into 2022

As we wind up the year of 2021. A year of surrender and letting go of all that no longer serves you. Digging deep and then deeper still. Finding a place in ourselves where we no longer need to defend or justify who we are as we learn to stand in our authentic selves with no apology. The year of 2021 does not go quietly as we move through the full lunar eclipse of November into the new moon solar eclipse on Dec. 4th. Pushing us for change, letting go of fear as old systems crumble around us.  December pushes us to recognize our truest emotions, to stand in our sense of self, and to take the initiative to move boldly down a whole new path. Many are being pushed into new careers, moving to new places or opportunities, being asked to shine your light and your gifts in ways you never thought could happen. You have grown so much. Moved into higher conscious thought. Thoughts that are more positive and based in gratitude.  Manifestations are happening instantly and you are creating beautiful ways of being and living. The new earth is here and the new structure is set. You have prepared in profound ways for the changes that are coming as earth, and all life on it, moves through the ascension portals.  The key to entry is where you place your energy and thoughts. What are you preparing for? In all the noise and chaos around you, are you preparing for struggle, pain and survival? If so, that is what you will experience. If you are putting your attention and thoughts to creating a world that thrives, a life that is based in love and joy, a world that is in harmony, then that is what you will manifest and experience. Somewhere deep inside, you know this. You came to manifest during this time a whole new world. What does yours look like? You came to shine your gifts. To heal your body and pain in new ways. To forgive yourself and open your hearts to love fully. This is a magical time that you can let old ancestral karma, guilt and pain go. This is a time to heal to move forward, to leap into the new and the greatness you have prepared for. The year of 2022 is a year of action. Taking responsibility for what you are creating and not blaming circumstances or others for the reality you are experiencing. To own what you are creating and the thoughts and beliefs that are supporting it. The choice has always been yours. Choose the energy of kindness, forgiveness, love, and grace. Prepare to be abundant, joyful and thriving in all that you do. Set yourself free and then watch how fast your manifestations change as we head into 2022.

Much Love,

Rose of Gaia

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