The Experience:

Each client receives their own activations and unique healing through a fusion of light encodements and frequencies of crystalline stargate energy so one can expand in consciousness. Through empowering self and opening one's gifts, clients can better connect to spirit and their own organic "I AM" presence. These quantum transmissions of light and vibrations are powerful and promote instantaneous life shifts, by collapsing and dissolving old energy patterns, imprints and anchors in the neural, emotional, physica, holographic, and subtle bodies. New energy encodements and vibrations are transmitted which brings in harmony, healing and alignment for new and higher potentials to anchor. By allowing one's body to vibrate and hold that which you want to create in life, the result is an energetic raising your consciousness to support ongoing spiritiual growth and healing.  

Laura is able to assist clients in greater understanding of themselves, deepening client’s knowledge and understanding to different situations in which they’ve created in their lives. Enabling shifts in energy which leads to wellbeing, positive growth and healing. Each individual will receive unique attunements of light that allow the client to download and receive necessary keys, templates and translations of light from powerful crystalline energies, their higher selves, and spirit. This amplifies and integrates the 5D light body raising one's vibration to create better balance and harmony within the body, life, and awakens more of one's gifts, intuition and purpose.