Cathedrals Of Light

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2020 Mt. Shasta Cathedrals of Light Retreat June 26th through 29th

2020 Mt. Shasta Retreat Cathedrals of Light

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Mt. Shasta, McCloud Merchantile Hotel

Join us once again for the life transformative energies of Mt. Shasta and the Light City portal above it. This will be our third retreat working with the Light City and Cathedrals of light in Mt. Shasta. We find it such a powerful and an amazing place to upgrade our bodies and begin to vibrate in a higher conscious way. Join us again for a weekend filled with laughter, activations, mindful journeys of transformation, healthy food with likeminded people, that provide opportunity to build lifelong friendships. We will bring in attunements that will allow you to download and receive necessary Keys, Templates, and Light Codes from this powerful dimensional vortex to expand and support the anchoring and integrating your 5D Light Body, new earth templates and grids, connecting all 33 spinal openings and expanding into the 144 dimensional DNA structure, and the new human luminous body templates that humanity is moving into and accessing now. Sunday we will have a special guest in the morning “The Stargate Experience”, providing a special treat of working with the stargate and its transformational 12D energy. Those wanting to stay Sunday we will have another journey and fire ceremony to watch for our star brother and sisters on top of the mountain.

• Receive specific Light Codes from this vortex to amplify your Light Body for greater well-being and health.

• Experience different Realms to help you open and expand into higher states of consciousness. Awaken more of your gifts, intuition, and purpose and clear old limiting behaviors and barriers.

• Enhance your spiritual evolution with Attunements, Activations, & Journeys

• Join us on top of Mt. Shasta for connecting with our Star Families and calling in the light ship activity and sacred energy transmission.

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