About the Light Cathedrals


Light Cathedrals interface with the Light cities and allow us to access and anchor in the 5th dimensional light into the physical creating a more expanded grid and matrix that activates our light bodies in the physical to expand us into higher consciousness, purpose and health.

These transmissions and attunements will come through channeled energy frequency through visualizations and journeys into altered dimensions of space and time accessed thru higher realms of light. This is part of the purification needed to transform from old glandular response systems of the body into crystalline templates at a cellular level. This will intensify and begin the process of re-activating your dormant, multi-dimensional DNA. We then are able to hold and interact at a 5th dimensional awareness and consciousness.

As we build a quantum inter-dimensional field and enter into these energetic Light transmissions you will experience and download the codes necessary to expand and accelerate your consciousness, DNA, cellular body templates, Magnetic and energetic bodies to hold more light. This activates not only your own crystalline light body grids but also expands the grids of the earth. Catapulting earth into more light and ascension for all humanity and life on the earth.

The Light Cities were the first anchor that earth and humanity were able to access more easily around 2012. These access points in certain parts of the world at a quantum and inter-dimensional level allowed higher transmissions of light and vibration to start the transformation, acceleration and enhancement of our consciousness and our bodies. We are now, through the acceleration and even more amplification of light coming onto the earth, ready to anchor in a more expanded fields of light. This intern evolves and ascends all life on the earth, as well as, realms and other dimensions in our quantum galactic fields as well.

Cathedrals of Light interface with the Light Cities anchored in the 5th dimension. They then bring in subsidiaries of interdimensional frequencies of light that support and expand our earth grids. Each main Light Cathedral has its own unique and specific energy it works with and anchors into the physical earth and our bodies. From these higher realms of light we download certain keys, geometries, codes and frequencies unique to that location and light city. They are supported by elementals, emissaries of light, and ascended masters that help support each field and work with the light cities that are interfaced at the 5th dimensional level and higher light frequencies.

Experiencing one of these Cathedrals of light as well as the energy and power vortex specific to that area, allows you a powerful opportunity to accelerate your mastery and consciousness for spiritual growth, purification, healing, empowerment, and cellular evolution of your soul, mind and body. This opens a quantum field that allows you to manifest at a higher level and connects you to your mastery and purpose and the reason why you came to this earth at this time. This is a beautiful time on the earth that enables us thru expansion of consciousness and manifestation to bring in more love, mindfulness, wellbeing, balance and connection to all things of the earth.

Through the anchoring of these cathedrals we create a very powerful, quantum and conscious energy field.  Through our intent this energy field raises the frequency of everyone in the room, creating a very tangible sensitivity to higher-dimensional Beings and energy fields. These higher dimensional beings and emissaries of light will then help us bring in the cathedral of light attuned and unique to that area. Everyone will receive the codes, attunement and frequency that is at the right amount and ideal level they need at that time. After being attuned and connected to that light cathedral and city you can then create mini cathedrals holding those empowerments all over the world including your own neighborhood and area. This then creates a more expanded field of light that then amplifies that area in light and frequency as well as the whole earth crystalline grids at a dimensional level.

The intention of these workshops is to assist those present in harmonizing with their physical bodies at a cellular level their own multi-dimensional and quantum aspects of higher self. This enables one to begin to manifest and create at a conscious level the life they wish to live and experience instead of being ruled by unconscious beliefs and old patterning that blocks and stops us from being our full masterful and enlightened selves.

It is time to claim the mastery that is locked in your DNA and ready for you to access. To thrive. To be in a state of Love and Wellbeing of self.

Let’s work together to anchor in these higher light transmissions that expand the matrix of light for love, healing and ascension to our planet and to ourselves. Let us thrive as we step into a new way of being.