WOW! what amazing gifted women Laura is I defiantly would not be where I am today with out her. She has helped me to over come some huge barriers that have held me back in life and now I'm free flowing.Her guided tours are simply life changing and full of adventure if you have not taken time to have a reading or go on her trips your really missing out on an amazing life experience.                                                                                                                                          -Michelle K.

Where to start with why I recommend Laura. Her healing and connection with her guides is phenomenal but truly her ability to Love is what stands out the most for me. Love is the best Magic of all.
My trip with Laura was life changing to say the least. So many Sacred Sites and beautiful spots that were so amazing. I felt so well taken care of and everything was so first class. More than I imagined. So grateful how she planned everything to the last details but was still open to Spirit when we were led down an amazing rabbit hole of an adventure. The laughs , the joy, the healing tears. Can’t wait till I can go on another trip.                                                       - Nelia Katherine Norie

Laura’s gifts are amazing- our work together has helped me to expand my self awareness, release trauma, healed me and my spouse multi-dimensionally, connected me to my emotional body for the first time, and enabled me to find peace and true joy for the first time.
-Kim E.

I have had such amazing healing experiences with my health, emotional growth and spiritual development while working with Laura.
A life changing experience. ?                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Lynn S.

When I first came to Laura I felt disempowered and unable to explain why I felt such darkness over my heart preventing me from starting my practice. As soon as we started she immediately dialed into my deepest core issues that I never felt I could share with anyone. She validated my most traumatic experiences and helped me begin to transform old patterns. I've never met anyone with her insight and touch - I've recommended her to multiple clients and can't wait to join her on a magical trip.
Munleen K. Soni, DSOM; L.Ac

I am honestly not sure how travel can ever be the same....and actually, as I say this...it is I who will never be the same after meeting, Laura!
I meet, Laura by chance through another individual. I told my husband as they left that there was something special...more advanced and conscious about her than anyone I had ever met. From that meeting, I enrolled in some of Laura's classes and then participated in her abroad trips, hence my remark above about traveling never being the same again!
Imagine traveling to locations that are already steeped in ancient history only to find a much deeper level in each, a level of energy and understanding that is not generally observed or discovered. Not only is this in itself fun, and quite frankly addicting(!), it allows opportunities to heal the earth of old wounds and scars.

I could go on and on, but I believe my most effective sentence to follow this is- contact, Laura for healing, workshop or trip, you will not be disappointed!
-Marilyn L

Laura’s trip was transformative. I began the journey last year to England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland one person and emerged forever changed. We packed a lot into 3 weeks and it was amazing. All of the sacred sites and adventures. You will never be bored. I was definitely challenged at times (although positive it doesn’t always feel good). I was able to release old patterns and take on new more positive patterns. This was not easy at times, but Laura is there to help you through and help you release. I connected with my ancestors and connected with my bad ass highland aspect. You will be engaged in the magic of earthwork and feeding the spirit. I’m grateful I took the opportunity to experience this gift and adventure. You will not be sorry that you decided to invest in yourself and you get a great adventure of a lifetime with one of Laura’s trips or her workshops!!??
-Sheri F

I was absolutely divinely guided to my first journey with Laura and had no idea that my life was about to be transformed on a deep soul level.”  I learned so much about myself, the divine feminine energies, Mother Nature, magical phenomena, and a depth of friendship than I can ever describe.”  We ate wonderful food, laughed, played, shopped, saw beautiful art and great music, and had meaningful conversations.  On the second trip with Laura, I remembered one of my soul purposes as an earth worker and continue my dedication to the healing of our precious Mother Earth.  This work is extremely important and Laura’s journeys are timeless, strategic and expansive.  She is an extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, encouraging and inspiring leader of the heart.”  
-Kat D

Laura's work has been a deeply transformative part of my healing journey. She has always held me in a powerful presence of compassion and grace, helping me feel safe enough for my soul to bring forward farflung or deeply buried wounds for rejuvenation. Her gifts are able to bridge into my healing sessions the unspoken, sometimes unknown, and always otherworldly alchemies specific for my soul's alignment and path forward in Mastery. She has held my spirit through gut wrenching transition and cleared lifetimes of traumatic story, karma, and interference, with  a tenderness my spirit needed. I find it invaluable to be able to recieve from Laura, who can make space for both the mystery and specific vibration I feel is nessicary for my healing. I would not be fully the person I am today had I not recieved her sacred offerings. It is a priviledge to recieve her healing light.
If you are called to or considering her services know that you are in tremendously nurturig and capable hands.... Know that there is no such thing as too dark, too strange, too alien, too broken, or too unworthy.... lastly know that for me healing with Laura has been a turning point in my life that helped to bring me home to myself and this world. She leads by example and I honestly feel blessed to know, love, and heal with her.

 Lauras adventure trips are pure magic!
-Amie A. 

Working with Laura has been life changing for not only me but also for my family. With her amazing gift she has been able to release pent up energies in my ancestral line as well as negative energies that were stored up through my younger years with childhood issues, at times I felt as though I was a ticking time bomb with all of the pent up negative energy.  For the most part in group settings I did not feel as though I “fit in” but thanks to Laura’s help I do now feel as though I am a part of any group.  To clear me she has utilized many healing tools and does so with compassion and integrity, she constantly amazes me with her medical knowledge.  At times she has been able to see things that have happened to me that I vaguely remember or she has found issues within my DNA and in all instances she has been able to repair them without a problem.  I have utilized Laura both in person and on the phone, there is no difference either way for her healing abilities work extremely well both ways.  I know she has had my back through this entire process as I have run into problems on several occasion late at night or weekends and I have found she is a text message or a FB message away each and every time even when she is working overseas.  I have been able to change very much for the positive these past couple of years and I owe it all to her. Her insight, encouragement, patience and affirmations have helped me transition into the person I was supposed to become, as the saying goes: “better late than never.” I appreciate very much the fact that she sharesher healing gifts with the universe! I wished I could have found this hidden treasure years ago; I am however very thankful we have finally crossed paths!
-Jeff S. 

Laura's talents are extraordinary. Her compassionate guidance and expertise has catipulted my healing journey. Its a privilege and an honor to work with her.
-Amie A

Laura’s gifts are amazing- our work together has expanded my self awareness, released my trauma, healed me and my spouse multi-dimension ally, connected me to my emotional body for the first time, and enabled me to find lasting peace and true joy for the first time. 
-Kim E.

 Laura is truly gifted. Her healing sessions have not only helped me reduce my symptoms from a rare autoimmune disease but she helps me stay heart centered. And her retreats remind you how mystical and magical the Christ Consciousness really is.
 -Amber O

Laura is a gifted psychic, wise teacher and brilliant energy healer. 
She serves people, animals, places and things. As she is fluent across dimensions, she accesses the needed wisdom and vibrational  energy directly. She has been instrumental in my own physical healing and spiritual growth, and I remain astonished by the results.  It all still seems a bit impossible to me, and yet, I can promise you that she is “the real deal”.
 - Linda B. 

 I have been traveling with Laura Skinner on her amazing Magical Mystical Mystery Trips for quite a number of years now.  Every one of these experiences has exceeded anything I could have imagined.  Just seeing and being in the energy of the sacred sites and people who live in the areas we visit would be worth the time and money.  The lodging is spectacular, from castles a thousand years old to B&Bs where you get to know your hosts and hostesses, to out-of-the-way villas.  But what really makes these trips one of a kind for me are the insights, spiritual energy, oneness with the history and masters that lived there, the meditations that take you so deep into the spirit of place, and the knowledge that Laura brings.  Every day is a new adventure building on the last.  Truly amazing. 
-Nancy M.

 Laura Skinner is an incredible healer. Right from the moment you meet her you feel connected. Her ability to translate what spirit is communicating to her into language you can understand is unprecedented. I have been working with her for 5 years and have referred countless people to her. Last year I attended my first retreat with her and it was amazing. It is a rare thing that a healer that can do both individual and group sessions with such power and grace. I would highly recommend her to anyone! 
-Val Heart 

Laura is a “healers” healer. She has wonderful insight into the CAUSE of feeling overwhelmed emotionally, energetically or physically and always helps me regain balance. She makes my personal journey more peaceful by transforming energies or blockages that stand in my way. Working in the quantum field, she has helped our family through many crises and even helps heal our pets! I’ve been to other energy healers and am one myself, and Laura has the most powerful healing capabilities I’ve personally experienced. Her retreats are magical, uplifting and FUN and an opportunity to be part of a wonderful healing community. 
-Kathy Greenberg

I've been blessed to have been a part of quite a few Shasta retreats with Laura Skinner and Dawn Lianna.  Each time I'm able to participate in one of these retreats I come back renewed, energized, more awakened, more in touch with my true self and closer to Source.  Both these women are Masters, bringing their wisdom and love and insights to us in these gatherings.  The lodging is always top-notch, the food wonderful, and another unexpected treat has been the people that I meet, some of which have become lifelong friends.  
-Nancy M.

Laura is a healer of healers. She holds you in a container of unconditional love, wisdom and grace. Laura embodies her truth and the essence of the Divine Mother in a way that allows you to heal on profound levels. Her abilities are expansive, multidimensional and honed in through integrity and love, which in my experience allows her to be extremely accurate and efficient at  what she does. A truly beautiful, bright soul to work with. 
-Danae S.

I started going to Laura nearly 10 years ago and I worked with her individually in addition to participating in some classes and groups she led. She is a down to earth and genuine which makes a wonderful leader. She puts her whole heart and soul into planning events, which I have had the pleasure of attending several of. When I traveled abroad with Laura I felt safe & had 2 wonderful and unforgettable adventures. I made beautiful connections and felt good about the work we did for the planet. I highly recommend Laura and the events or travel groups she leads!! Thank you Laura for all that you do to bring light to this world!
-Sheryl W. 

I have worked with Laura Skinner off and on for many years. I find her sessions insightful and deep. What I appreciate the most is that Laura is able to work with me in the inner dimensions.  As I also traverse many dimensions,  I find it very helpful to have someone who can guide me anywhere in my inner world. I feel that when I work with Laura, my situations are healed at the deepest level of causality.  She is truly a gift in my life. 

Dawn Lianna  

Laura Skinner is the absolute best transformative energetic quantum healer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is professional, punctual, and easy to talk with. Her intuition and psychic abilities are on point. Her insights and healings have propelled me forward to new heights and I am living my best life.
I have gone on numerous trips with Laura. She is a terrific tour guide and each trip has been packed full of magic and delight. I would recommend her for private sessions and to travel and explore the ancient civilizations and beautiful geographical landscapes. These spiritual retreats and tours have accelerated me into a deeper knowing of myself. And I have made connections with like minded individuals who have become my friends and part of my soul family.           Amie 



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