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Is Today the Day! The Day you will Transform into the New You?

This course Is about discovering A New you. A master that has always been within but lost or hidden to your conscious mind. Coming home to self. Walking your purpose in joy and fulfillment. This course teaches you about changing your vibrational mindset to magnetize and attract the changes you want to make in your outside world by shifting your internal world. Did you know 93% of the time we work from the subconscious? A place of automatic response, belief and habit. A place that operates from the past and is so ingrained, so automatic that we don’t even think about it. It’s like a ticker tape running constantly in the background. Only 7% of the time do we come from a place of conscious intention. A place of empowerment in the now. This course teaches you that it does not take time to change but alignment. It takes courage to delve into the pain of self-discovery. To be brutally honest with yourself. To let go of identities that have labeled you your whole life. To face your fears and truly choose yourself. To begin to vibrate at what you want to create and walk joyously towards that experience. 

This course is about stepping out of the box. Surrendering Old identities that no longer apply. Old ways of being that are obsolete. They are the past. What we think we know or how we think We should be. We will look at are you living your life for yourself or are you living it how someone else thinks it should be. We will clear out all the ways you are living your life for someone else, to please others and not your true authentic self. 

Learn to create a clean, healing, and sacred space in your home. How to ground and clear your energy fields and keep them clear. 
You will learn more about your true authentic self. What brings you joy. What it truly means to walk your highest intended path. To love yourself without apology. To be balanced and at peace within. 
You will let go of any last lingering pain, fear or trauma in your body. You will let go of old ancestral lines, and past lives to begin to make room to integrate more of your dimensional selves. To discover other aspects of yourself that you can pull in and integrate to help you in this lifetime achieve what you came to experience. To remember the magnificent being you are. The way shower!. 
You will explore your gifts and bring them forward to be in service. You will learn about the 8 energetic senses, what your dominate in, and how to use it to your advantage. You will grow your intuition. Learn to listen to your gut and your own internal compass to guide you into flow and harmony in your life. 
You will learn where to shift your perceptions to access and realize higher states of being and consciousness. How to ask others to join you in higher vibration instead of being dragged down in drama and lower fear and trauma based realities. 
You will work with the light cities to meet your master support teams, raise vibration even more and upgrade your intuition and healing. 
You will learn healing chambers that help you heal your body, integrate and accelerate your cellular regeneration, rejuvenation and repair. 
How to raise your vibration and support the shifts in your physical body as they take on more and more upgrades into the light body. You will learn to activate your kundalini and infinite energy flow to activate more of your right brain, your quantum DNA, and the innate intelligence to not only heal your own body but activate your stem cells for optimal functioning of all organs and body systems. 
Tools to manifest and create in mastery your best life. To align to what you want to experience next. Your best you right now. 

Come join me on this journey into you 

3 month course with Videos, live check-ins, question & answer sessions, and support group 

$1200 with 

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