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Each session is customized to the individual but may include: 

  • Healing Through Transmissions Of Light 
  • Raising Your Vibration to balance & harmonize body and chakra systems  
  • Disolving Old Energy Patterns, Imprints, & Anchors  



  • Shifts in Energy Leading to Wellbeing, Positive growth, and Healing
  • Healing Multi-dimensional Aspects & Timelines 
  • Unique Attunements Customized to Each Indiviual 


  • 4 hour and half session package: $555
  •  6 hour and half session package: $833
  • 8 hour and half session packages: $1,110 

I conduct phone sessions every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.and Friday U.S. & International Time Zones are available. To book a session please fill out the form below with your preferred date and time.

Date and time of appointment will be confirmed via email.





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Sessions may differ depending on the individual client and their needs, but are typically between a hour and a hour and a half

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