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Each session is customized to the individual but may include: 

  • Healing Through Transmissions Of Light 
  • Raising Your Vibration to balance & harmonize body and chakra systems  
  • Disolving Old Energy Patterns, Imprints, & Anchors  



  • Shifts in Energy Leading to Wellbeing, Positive growth, and Healing
  • Healing Multi-dimensional Aspects & Timelines 
  • Unique Attunements Customized to Each Indiviual 

I conduct phone sessions every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.and Friday U.S. & International Time Zones are available. To book a session please fill out the form below with your preferred date and time.

Date and time of appointment will be confirmed via email.






Laura's work has been a deeply transformative part of my healing journey. She has always held me in a powerful presence of compassion and grace, helping me feel safe enough for my soul to bring forward farflung or deeply buried wounds for rejuvenation. Her gifts are able to bridge into my healing sessions the unspoken, sometimes unknown, and always otherworldly alchemies specific for my soul's alignment and path forward in Mastery. She has held my spirit through gut wrenching transition and cleared lifetimes of traumatic story, karma, and interference, with  a tenderness my spirit needed. I find it invaluable to be able to recieve from Laura, who can make space for both the mystery and specific vibration I feel is nessicary for my healing. I would not be fully the person I am today had I not recieved her sacred offerings. It is a priviledge to recieve her healing light.
If you are called to or considering her services know that you are in tremendously nurturig and capable hands.... Know that there is no such thing as too dark, too strange, too alien, too broken, or too unworthy.... lastly know that for me healing with Laura has been a turning point in my life that helped to bring me home to myself and this world. She leads by example and I honestly feel blessed to know, love, and heal with her.

Working with Laura has been life changing for not only me but also for my family. With her amazing gift she has been able to release pent up energies in my ancestral line as well as negative energies that were stored up through my younger years with childhood issues, at times I felt as though I was a ticking time bomb with all of the pent up negative energy.  For the most part in group settings I did not feel as though I “fit in” but thanks to Laura’s help I do now feel as though I am a part of any group.  To clear me she has utilized many healing tools and does so with compassion and integrity, she constantly amazes me with her medical knowledge.  At times she has been able to see things that have happened to me that I vaguely remember or she has found issues within my DNA and in all instances she has been able to repair them without a problem.  I have utilized Laura both in person and on the phone, there is no difference either way for her healing abilities work extremely well both ways.  I know she has had my back through this entire process as I have run into problems on several occasion late at night or weekends and I have found she is a text message or a FB message away each and every time even when she is working overseas.  I have been able to change very much for the positive these past couple of years and I owe it all to her. Her insight, encouragement, patience and affirmations have helped me transition into the person I was supposed to become, as the saying goes: “better late than never.” I appreciate very much the fact that she sharesher healing gifts with the universe! I wished I could have found this hidden treasure years ago; I am however very thankful we have finally crossed paths!
-Jeff S. 

When I first came to Laura I felt disempowered and unable to explain why I felt such darkness over my heart preventing me from starting my practice. As soon as we started she immediately dialed into my deepest core issues that I never felt I could share with anyone. She validated my most traumatic experiences and helped me begin to transform old patterns. I've never met anyone with her insight and touch - I've recommended her to multiple clients and can't wait to join her on a magical trip.
Munleen K. Soni, DSOM; L.Ac

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