2021 Rose of Gaia - Deep Immersion Coaching & Mentorship Program


Given current state of what is unfolding around us today at this time, I have decided for the first time to offer 10 individuals a deeper level of support and guidance to delve deep into shifting their conscious minds, relationships, health, intuition, and career for 2021. I will work closely with each individual through a one-on-one coaching and mentorship relationship to help create their best life and path for their future. Should you become part of this program, I will teach you about holding space, stepping into your gifts and intuition and moving into your own harmony and flow within your life. 

My new coaching/mentor program will allow you to work on any goals and areas in your life that need attention. It will be customized to you with your own unique channels from my team on the best ways you can thrive and achieve healing, health, and the support you need to manifest the vision you truly want to create for your life and path. 

After the initial 6 months of working together, you will then be offered the opportunity for mentorship if desired, which will include me teaching and training you to use the tools I have learned to use to offer healing, quantum energy work, and intuition work to others. The mentor program will teach you how to create your own quantum healing practice for those that feel the calling. 

I will only be offering this coaching to 10 people at this time. Once full I will not be able to offer this again until an opening occurs again in the future. 

2021 Coaching Program (12 Months):

  • one and half hour sessions every other week 
  • forty-five-minute check-in sessions every other week 
  • Monthly personalized channeled meditation to release and move forward on the areas you are working on. These meditations will help you release blocks, habits, and beliefs as well as hold activations to move you forward. 
  • 4 channeled and customized essential oils to help support you on your journey. 
  • 4 sets (4 each) of channeled tumbled stones that will help support your body and journey. 
  • Monthly personalized affirmations, journaling, and related practices to put into place action and change in your daily life. 
  • Invitation to join your own private weekend retreat with only those in the program (you pay just for transportation and lodging – high vibrational meals included) 
  • You will receive personalized tools and visuals to help you create sacred space, clearing, and holding your own space, as well as opening more of your own intuition to move into harmony and flow. 
  • Each month we will talk about goals and set achievable practices in place to reach them. 
  • We will look at any imbalances in your health and support your body with the right foods, homeopathic remedies, tinctures, and herbs that you need to move into health and optimal functioning. 
  • You will be first to be offered spots on my other retreats and trips at a special discounted advance price. 
  • You will have access to your own private online group to discuss and support each other with monthly participation by me and live scheduled group Q&A 
  • I will share and teach you my Quantum Healing Program that will train and teach you the tools I have learned in order to do what I do in healing, quantum energy work, and intuition. This will help get you started on your path to opening your own practice. 
  • I will be there as your coach and mentor for 12 months, working and empowering you to create your best life so that you may thrive and live in joy.

12 month program $10,000 

(Payable as your choice of $2500 at the beginning of each Quarter or Discounted Price of $8888 for Shasta Program Participants only if paid-In-full by Dec 1, 2020)


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12 month program $10,000 (Payable as your choice of $2500 at the beginning of each Quarter or Discounted Price of $8888 for Shasta Program Participants only if paid-In-full by Dec 1, 2020)

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