A Little Bit About Laura...

Laura Skinner is a multidimensional healer and teacher, residing in Vancouver, Washington; Laura has been leading and teaching psychic and spiritual development groups for over 15 years. Transmitting channels, energy transmissions, and light encodements from her star teams. Laura also leads Group Trips all over the world to different sacred power sites working with earth’s power nodes and ley lines.  Laura has cultivated her own unique quantum healing techniques downloaded to her from her Star teams and Spirit. These techniques work with the releasing of  the cellular libraries, imprints, and anchors of the body as well as dissolving ancestral and soul lines, for dimensional healings. Laura works with her different Star and Spirit teams to bring in powerful channels, transmissions, and unique encodements of light to facilitate healing at the quantum multidimensional level, moving the energy throughout the different bodies and releasing traumas at the cellular level. This accelerates the activations of one’s quantum DNA for optimal organ functioning, body repair, and regeneration.


One of Laura’s greatest joys is witnessing and inspiring the growth and transformation within her clients.

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