2021 Lions Gate Portals

We are now stepping out of the old and into the new paradigm as this lions gate opens the parallel timelines to do it. Don’t get caught up in the chaos and drama as the old crumbles and the new begins to peek through. Anchor to your wisdom and higher states of being to see the new and anchor to that. Let go of judgements and things that separate you from others for that is the illusion of the old consciousness. See yourself as the light of transformation and the love of acceptance. As each person moves through their journey of letting go of pain and trauma be the compassion, the love and the light that helps anchor in the next phase of this journey. Be the space holder of light and higher wisdom, sharing it with all, until each arrives in their perfect timing. Float in oceans of love until each cell in your body remembers the being you are. The light you are here to shine. 

Much Love, 

Lady Nada


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