Tools for Healing and Releasing Fear

We are feeling stressed and tired with all the energy around us being so intense. Fear, health, political, will we be safe? Will our loved ones be safe? It seems like we are pulled in a million directions like a mighty current taking us into the unknown. Not quite having the words or understanding of it all yet, only that we are being propelled forward by some mighty unseen hand. That things are crumbling around us, structure and safety, as we have once known it, can’t be grasped. Feeling fear and excitement battling within us as some part of us knows we are moving towards freedom but not quite conscious of all we are letting go. The unknown. Some are feeling lost in it all. The best way to find your center is to stop the noise for a second. Stop take several deep breaths and then breathe deeper still. This brings you into the present instead of “what ifs”, allows you to raise your vibration above viruses and fear. Concentrate on what is going right, what you love about a person. Go outside and be revived and nourished. Gratitude, love and joy, hold higher vibrations and transform lower virus thought form energies, and fear. If you feel tired or off...take things that strengthen your immune like Vitamin C, Elderberry, zinc, and Grapefruitseed extract. Homeopathic’s like Oscillococcinum help all kinds of weird virus’s and flu. 200c Arnica in homeopathic help emotional body and fear. Feel what works for your body. What strengthens it instead of stress and fear. One tool is to Imagine pure golden source light pouring in your crown and out your fingers and toes. Imagine that this light is so filled with love and healing and your breathing this energy in and negative or denser energies and emotions are clearing and transforming and moving out of your body. Do this until only this healing light and love remains. Turn this light into a shower of rainbow light and again it’s moving thru your body and energy fields outside your body. Let it run like a shower until the color coming out your hands and toes is vibrant. Healing, repairing and rejuvenating. Take care of yourself, love yourself and give yourself grace as we move through this transformative time. 
You are loved,

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