To The Light Workers & Masters Walking The Earth

To the Light workers and masters walking the earth. It does not matter who you are up there, as you say, only what you walk down here on this earth. For you create your world. You came here as masters to transform the lower fear and trauma based realities and then create from love. 

Each of you experienced and are encoded with certain woundings and trauma. These woundings are fear based. They become their own monster, their own consciousness. These traumas or woundings encode and become a program in your human body, it wants to survive. 

The bigger the master you are the bigger the trauma and wounding is and the fear to experience the opposite is. 

With the pure organic source light and love pouring onto the earth right now, this is causing the rising up of your biggest fears to face and transform. To free you once and for all. These fears were built by pain, trauma and the wounding you still hold. These fear based consciousnesses create realities in your mind and voices to do anything to survive. To keep the very trauma and wounds playing out over and over again until you release it. Can you face those fears and quiet those voices? Can you shift your perceptions and realities that keep you in fear, in the wounding? To allow the very thing you fear to finally let go? The minute you face it, then it dissolves and transforms not only for you but for everyone on the earth, for we are all connected. 

Can you really walk unconditional love to others and receive it back? Love is the key. 
Can you let go of how you think a situation should look, the judgements and your truth in your righteousness to allow others their process? To just love and see what becomes of it. 
No one is exempt from this process. If you have a body then your here to transform it but first you have to walk it. It does not matter how high up in consciousness you think you are. You have to walk it. In fact, the more you evolve the more your asked to walk, not the other way around. It’s not enough to just speak it and tell others, Light workers, masters. You have to experience it and walk it to transform it. Once again it does not matter who you are in your quantum multi dimensional self, if you have a body you have to walk it in the physical. It is The only way to make the shifts and transform on the earth. 

We are in a quantum worm hole right now on the earth through the two eclipses. The choice during this time is are you going to rise up in your ascension or go back down. 
To rise up and choose the leap in your own ascension and consciousness means that you face your biggest fear and let it transform. For you are masters that came to do that very thing to release not only you but the earth. As you live it, walk it and then overcome it, transform it.... you release it then for all. This is Grace. That’s why you carry the codes of ancestral and past lives in your DNA. You came to free and release it all. To wipe it from the hard drive you could say. Will you do it? 
Will you change those 3D glasses your wearing, Allow a new perspective and let your defensiveness go, your judgements. To sit back and allow a new perception to become. Only then will your war realities change. For there is nothing to fight. The fight is only with yourself. 

I was helping a customer in the store and she put it in a beautiful way. She said fear is like this giant water slide, you climb up all those stairs to get to the top. Your are so excited to experience this gigantic slide and take the ride. But you get to the top and you look down and your child says..”I’m scared”, “do you think I can do it?”...YES I think you can! I take your hand and we can do it together. As we face that fear, let go, and take the ride...oh such joy! Such freedom! 

Choose yes, take the ride. Open to love, receive the healing touch of loving hands. For love only heals, only enlivens, only expands. Love sparks the very essence that you are. Witness your love for self in another. Don’t be afraid. Trust the path and what is laid before you. You can only grow from the Yes. For we did not come to walk by ourselves. We came to expand, to allow and witness love through others. That is why when more than one gather it is always stronger. But it can only start with love of self. Do you love yourself enough? Can you let go the barriers and receive? 
I think you CAN! Take my hand and let’s go down that slide. 

I Love You! ❤️ 

~The Galactic Mother ~


  • Loa Dahl
    Loa Dahl Castle Rock Wa
    Thanks for sharing and information.

    Thanks for sharing and information.

  • RoseOfGaia
    Thank you for responding. I love to hear the feedback as many are looking to share and communicate with others as we build communities of light.

    Thank you for responding. I love to hear the feedback as many are looking to share and communicate with others as we build communities of light.

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