Supporting the 5D Body

As we clear more of the 4D the place I call the veil. The place that holds the stories and energies of lower density creations, the binding geometry, subliminal messages of control, Miasms and energetics of aging and disease. As these mirrored realities of 4D begin to transform and crumble there is a remembrance coming forward in our earth and each soul on it. Not a rebirth per-say, more of a recreation as we remember the higher light that we are. As the earth started it’s descent Into lower density to learn, evolve and grow many of the original beings of light that lived on the earth went into higher realms and realities to hold guardianship for us. Our world was thrown into darkness almost instantly. For they hold the cities of light and cathedrals of light that are now anchoring back to the earth in our awareness. I call these beings the ancient wisdom keepers or the shining ones. They are linked to almost every creation story of most indigenous tribes. They are the original star beings, the ancient civilizations not talked about in our history books that walked our earth in higher awareness and light. Their records and recordings lost to us. Their teachings buried unless you tap into the higher realms of light. Really they are us and we hold a knowing, a remembrance that is coming forward now. I work with these guardians and ancient wisdom keepers when I’m called to certain places on the earth to heal or unlock keys placed there for this time. To unravel bindings that blocked ley lines and power grids of the earth. Thank you all for being part of the global clearing of the coronavirus. As we took a stand and held the frequency of love it allowed the final bridging to happen for us to clear 4D and man made agendas and step even more into divine will. 2019 and 2020 has dug up our deepest fears, limiting belief patterns and the anchors of our ancestors. As the 5D energies pour onto the earth now anchored in 6D and 7D geometry and codes of light, it is asking us to transform and bring forth buried soul lines and anchors as we come into remembrance of who we are and who we came to be. The shinning ones walking the earth we are creating. Side by side with our star families. There is an enlivening energy we can feel now, an awakening pulse, as this influx of higher codes of light pour onto our earth. As we are linked back up and realigned through the sun and planetary gateways infused with these highest codes and keys of luminous loving light. 
In the last few days this as been even more accelerated, causing a jump in the awakening and dimensional shift of our dormant DNA. That 97% that scientist called junk DNA. As we shift at a deep cellular level your body will have to cope at a very accelerated pace. That means you will have a reaction to the energy of what you put into your body almost instantly. I know I just talked about this in previous channels but can’t stress enough. So many people are calling me with health, digestion, glandular and body issues. Because we are one, we take in the energy of what we eat. That means if that animal was treated badly or abused we feel it. If it’s GMO or processed our bodies don’t recognize the codes and cant digest it properly. Plants and fruits actually tell and talk to the body through cellular coding. It Tells the body how to process and digest what it is eating. It speaks in a language of frequency just like crystals and minerals of the earth. Using these tools of life force and healing help the body In this accelerated shift to recode the DNA, to regenerate, rejuvenate and repair, to move into optimal health. The more you eat high life force foods, things high on ORAC chart, and support your glandular and cellular with mineral salts, cocoa, chia, sesame, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. To limit meat as that is where the Coronavirus started from, showing we are moving more and more out of harmony with eating mistreated and low energy things. 

I am coming out with a cookbook of full flavor, life force cooking with some of my favorite recipes. Implementing what I’ve been told from my own guidance and how I now eat from high frequency rainbow whole plant based foods. How I worked on balancing and changing my body over the last few years. Mindful eating that taste good, gets rid of cravings and brings your body and organs into harmony. This will be coming out with my new Ecourse New Day...New You. This course is filled with tools, DNA upgrades and activations to walk in more harmony with the 5D energies now on the planet. This will be coming out in April for Spring rebirth. If you are interested please sign up on my website for newsletter and mailings and you will be the first to know..                                              

Meanwhile, Put good nourishing foods in your body. Foods that are filled with life force and nutrition for the energy your body needs to replenish your cellular. Try to get the minerals and vitamins that you need through eating the rainbow of whole foods. Become in harmony with the earth and the animals in it. Protecting them and treating them with kindness and love while keeping their environments clean.  Keep our ecosystems whole and healthy so they may balance our environments, cleansing and replenishing the air we breathe and nourishing,vitalizing our soil for the food we eat. 

Much Love,

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