Play, Play, Play

Walking the beach picking up a favorite stone. Feeling the vibration of the sand as it hums beneath my feet. Taking a moment to reset from all the energy that has been hitting us, asking us to change, to shift from old identities and behaviors. In this moment I am reminded that everything is balance. To just enjoy this time. To laugh and play for a moment. To let all the noise around me stop and just be. To be in balance, to be in harmony,  means sometimes we just take a walk on the beach and do nothing but Laugh at our world and ourselves. To not get too caught up in it all or lost in the work of it. In this Pisces moon maybe we play a little, dream a little. Be silly and laugh. To enjoy this beautiful earth. I mean look at this beach and all it’s color. I think even Gaia is laughing with me. I like to think she’s dancin beside me. We are here to serve, but to also be in joy, to laugh, to play and have fun with each other. We have all worked so hard, it’s 2020...Let’s take a moment to laugh, to reset  and be in harmony with self. 

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