Manifestation & Vibration

People ask me what exactly manifestation and vibration mean all the time so I thought I would share: Each thought and emotion has a vibratory signature. To be conscious and aware only means that you become more aware of where you are dominantly vibrating at. Are you a victim and reactive to your environment and circumstances or able to rise above it and be observant but not a yo-yo in it. Not engaged in the drama. Do you vibrate at love that just accepts and transforms and allows others their process or vibrating  at judgement and fear that puts your will over another or engages you in chaos and drama. Remember you are not responsible for how another person reacts, feels or believes. You don’t have to go down and play in lower densities, instead pull them up and ask them to meet you in the higher vibration. Where you put your thoughts and emotions is where you put your focus and intention. That’s why we say focus on the positive, what you want to create, for that is where you then will align and vibrate at. Remember there is no new energy, it is only recycled. So energy can either pull you in and you become that energy or it dissolves and transforms into something else. That is why it is said that energy can never die it can only become something other. Energy does not judge, does not view itself as good or bad. Source just says, “oh yay energy” let me use it to create this and transforms it to what ever it wants to use it for. We can do the same thing. We can either amplify what ever energy we are in or transform it into something else. That is what the solar flares and light encodements are doing as they pour onto the earth. They are raising your vibration, your thoughts, your consciousness. Dissolving lower densities of beliefs and traumas to transform them into love for our planet, harmony. Personally I’d rather use it to love and fill my life with things that vibrate me at joy. To vibrate earth at peace and harmony because I’m part of the whole and then my vibration matches others at the same vibration and in that we are even stronger. We attract each other or that thing or emotion to us, all by vibration. We as part of the whole can begin a movement that shifts consciousness all by vibration of our thoughts, feelings and intention. That is what we are saying when we talk about ascension. We are talking about raising your vibration to ascend in higher planes of light, consciousness and love. When you join others here we raise consciousness of all being’s of the earth. It’s all just energy commingled and part of the field....just what is the dominate energy. So the more you raise yours the more your energy attracts the same kind of energy or vibration and your outside world changes️. The lower vibrations can not hold the same field as higher it’s impossible. Two different spins. Won’t even be able to see you to stick. It just spins off. 
I hope that helps and answers some questions. 
Much Love ️

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