Maes Howe

Maes Howe On Orkney Island. Felt the Tuatha De strong here. We could hear an ancient language being spoken in the wind with deeper undertones of a chant as we were walking towards this site. So a very layered sound and toning that activated us before even stepping into this place of magic and power. Could feel the ancient language surrounding us like a sacred procession as we walked into the mound. I felt like I was being initiated in a very familiar way but was very ancient as well. My crown shot open and lower back started to vibrate. Could feel my body click In when geometry of other sites around area came into my awareness and star formation formed. Inside a carving of a griffin type dragon and runes from Vikings. One stating a magic axe was found here and treasure. Another stating the same axe being used 1300 years later. Another stating that all the previous runes were true. Once inside could feel the portal and gateway into other worlds. Felt the temple complex and a star formation of other circles and mounds around area. My feet were vibrating as I left temple complex and the sacred area surrounding the mound. 
Felt a swirling of ancient energy all around me that was activating a knowing to receive and share with the world this magic from these sacred beings. So much still to unfold here and be told. There are many myths of a Tuatha De magical axe and also of the dragon. The veil very thin here and can access other realms at this Stargate dimensional point.

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