Accelerated Path

It may seem at this time that you are breaking apart. That you can not hold onto anything that use to be your anchor. That your world is crumbling around you. This is because you are on the accelerated path of your ascension. It must fall away to make room for the new you. Your rebirth into your magnificent self. Breathe beloveds and just be. All will be revealed soon enough. Let go, surrender into the abyss, for Grace will lift you up and Love will see you through and show you the path. If depressed or feel hopeless focus on that which you can be grateful for. Find gratitude in the smallest thing for this will raise your vibration quickly out of the abyss. For gratitude and joy are a state of mind. A choice to see and be in a higher perception and consciousness. This raises you above the challenge and let’s you see the clearer path around the obstacles. Choose to be love, choose to be kind, choose to spread the light and joy that is innately already in you. You just have to activate it and share it. You have an infinite supply! 
You are Loved❤️ 

This picture was at continental divide where you can walk between two continents, America and Europe, in Pingvellir Iceland. This is also Where America is bridged with Europe. Said to walk in the footsteps of the Gods.

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