Iona Chapel: A Sacred Moment

A sacred moment, a sacred place, on sacred land. A place where the ancient wisdoms come through from civilizations long forgotten, from the elementals still here and the stones and earth that hold the recordings of it all. A place of quiet reflection, of meditation. A place where you can go deep into the inner and remember who you are, to know self. To find self-love and acceptance of the beautiful being that you are. Transformation. 
I still have a few spots open for the May trip if you feel called to sacred sites like this, beautiful places of nature, and to explore the world with me. I guarantee you will be changed forever. Transformed in the sacred energies of Gaia and wisdom from civilizations imprinted in the energy of power spots on earth. If you feel called to grow and evolve as you immerse yourself in transformational energy, you can reserve your space on the May trip by putting a deposit down. I can’t wait to share this adventure with you.

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