Dear Beloveds & The Feminine Aspect In All

Dear beloveds and the feminine aspect in all

For we each hold a feminine aspect and a masculine aspect in our wholeness of self. One aspect is not more important than the other, it just is. We are not talking gender here, instead we are calling forth a healing to move through the feminine split. For as you walk and transform so do I. Celebrate each other, honor and dance in others joy, their success, support each other’s expansion and growth, for it only expands you, it only amplifies your mastery, your gifts. Don’t be jealous or in competition, instead stand beside others knowing their joy is yours, their success only makes you stronger. For we are all connected, they are You. Call forth divinity and divine will to flow thru all aspects of the feminine. Acceptance, grace and compassion for each other and all that you have created. Love fully and hold nothing back beloveds. We are here together to love, celebrate and honor one another. For as we hold love for ourselves, we only see it amplified in the eyes of another. There is nothing to fear in the souls desire to experience to expand. So celebrate it and dance it with another for then you more fully dance it within yourself. Your full union with self. In each of us we hold the full Flame of divine feminine and divine masculine that is ignited when we fully walk in love with ourselves. Then spread it out from within to others in true service to the earth. Everything celebrates this joy, then everything flows in harmony. 

Message received at Callanish Standing Stones on Lewis Island, Scotland

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