Beautiful Shasta

Been back in states less than a week and already called to Mount Shasta. 

The message to share:

Joy is not measured in the things we have or the money we make. It’s measured in the memories and love we share. As we open our hearts and connect it’s amplified both in us and with another. True organic heart connections heal and evolve us faster than all else. Unconditional love is where we sit in true service to all including ourselves. These love connections fill us with joy whether with nature, with animals, with friends or our beloved. Open your hearts for it never lies from there we are truly authentic and always in our joy. Let go, let the heart expand, let the fear and doubt go, be you! It’s enough, it’s perfect. Nature does not worry about if it’s this or that... it just is.

Magnificent and beautiful. You are Love & Loved.


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