August New Moon

This super new moon is allowing us to take in all that was brought in from Lions Gate and past few months and walk as master manifester’s of our own destiny. The challenge is that there is so much energy and densities swirling about that it’s hard to find your true self within everyone else’s energy. This is causing some anxiety in people and feeling overwhelmed or lost in it. Make sure your using tools to raise your vibration and clear your body and chakras of other energetics that are not yours. To rise above all the waves of energy,  and amplification of higher frequencies of light, clearing the earth and other people at this time. This energy pouring onto earth is to release what no longer serves the earth or humanity, but it’s best to get out of way and rise above it. This takes us moving into higher vibrations within our bodies and fields. Here is a tool that may be helpful: 
I like to use and hold a crystal and imagine the higher pure vibrational rays of light moving thru each chakra and spinning out dense energies or anything less than love. Especially, what is not mine or energy that no longer serves me. You can use all colors like a higher frequency rainbow shower of light or just pure gold white light what ever feels best to you. I just make sure it’s pure organic source rays of light. I then start at heart and move up thru stellar gateway above head opening to higher channels of light of pure organic source energy and the pure adamantine particles of light of all creation,  then move back down raising those lower chakras in light down to earthstar below feet, hologram chakra below that and all lower dimensional chakras.  Dissolving all energetics, holograms and virtual realities that are not aligned with my ascension. I call in the highest vibration that I can hold at this time into every cell of my body, my organs and organ systems, chakras and chakra systems for optimal functioning. Then let each chakra take in this light spinning one way and then the other with crown spinning up and root down. You can do each chakra individually or all at once, whatever works for you. Remember there really are no rules, do what feels best for you. I then let this pure light move thru me and out radiating from heart out thru my auric fields, energy fields, magnetic and electrical fields. This clears all bindings, thought forms, consciousnesses, agendas and dense energies that may have congested my field.  
Try to get out on earth as this is Virgo earth energies, to refuel and rejuvenate. Hug a tree or take a walk or use a crystal.  
I hope this helps and much love.  
Happy New Moon and intro into September. ❤️??‍♀️

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