Divine Feminine Healing

Divine feminine energy flowing out to the earth. Nourishing and nurturing energy that is filled with compassion and grace. Can you open and fully receive the healing touch of the feminine? Can you let the pain and suffering heal? Can you move forward and be at peace? YOU have to choose to truly move on? Let the shadows and ghosts of the past go? Open the doors and let the light shine on the monsters and skeletons you created through ancestral seeds, the past, begin to dissolve. This healing energy is here, you can access it just by asking. Your bodies are integrating all aspects of you now. They are letting go of old root systems and structure. Upgrading and dissolving the old patterns and programs of duality. This can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable like letting your familiar old blanket go that was dirty and filled with holes no longer even giving comfort. With no judgement the divine feminine asks you to come into her healing arms and be whole. There is no deserving, no questions asked,  for all are worthy. It’s time now for all to just receive and be hugged by this energy. To take it in inside of us to the deepest parts, the hidden...and let it heal. Only then can we share it outside of us. The divine feminine merged with the divine masculine Whole. Healed. Sovereign. Each part of us holding our mastery, not in competition but in wholeness within self. Nothing to defend, nothing to prove, nothing to attain just peace in being. Peace in just being ourselves, perfectly holding our individuality within, commingled with everything around us. Centered, strong, at peace even amongst the chaos. For all creation comes from intention in the chaos. Love yourself into being at the highest potential. What ever that is for you. Wherever that journey takes you. For you are here to walk that journey. Your choice, you hold the power. No one can take it. No one owns it. It’s yours, only you can take it back from places you have given it away. In that moment you are sovereign. For even freedom comes from within.