Uragh Standing Stones - Sacred Site Tours Sacred Ireland

Uragh Stones in Gleninchaquin Park, Ireland.  
Here at Uragh Stones at 1:11 on 10:10. You feel the energy and beauty strong here. As you hike up the trails of sheep, you feel the sadness of loss and the joy of celebration as we move through the cycles of time in ebb and flow. Once up the view opens to the Uragh Stone circle surrounded by hills, waterfalls and lochs. The faerie is strong here and the Elven energy. The message was stand in the truth of who you are. Don’t let others diminish who you are because they can not stand with you. Sometimes by trying to diminish you and the truth you hold so brightly it allows them not to see. But this is never true and always an illusion as you know. For you can’t run from your own truth very far. Be brighter, be louder for more and more will need guidance as they open and awaken to a world they never knew existed but somewhere deep within them is a knowing that it was always so. As they wake from a deep and long slumber many will need to come to these power sites holding the records of harmony and true earth paths. Share them and the messages for many need to connect and hear them now.  
Much Love,  
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