Rogie Falls -- Sacred Site Tours 2019

A beautiful day at Rogie Falls, a series of waterfalls on the Black waters in Ross-shire, in the Highlands of Scotland. I am here with a small group on one of my sacred sites tours, September 30, 2019. 

As we walk the path towards the falls I begin to quiet the noise of tourist and tap into the true magic of this site. The Tuatha de come in instantly to let me know this is another one of their power sites and thus a sacred line. I feel the ancient wisdom of the tribes and hear and feel the rainbow flutes playing and activating as I’m transported through different realms and dimensions touching this power node of the earth. These flutes let me know I am at an entry portal to other realms. I feel the magic of the elementals and fairy beings as they lead the way to a beautiful oasis and tree circle overlooking the falls. I am asked to sit on a huge rock guardian as I receive a message. 

Beautiful Sofia Of The Rose—Galactic Mother 

The group and I are asked to take in a rainbow rose activation and a divine anointing of the feminine. A crowning of our sovereignty, as we are asked to lead the way as the divine feminine. We are asked to bring this healing through our wombs and healing of our own pain and trauma of the masculine. For we carry all recordings of the masculine within our wombs, our cellular. For we are birth, we are all. To heal this first separation causing so much disharmony and rejection inside of us. They ask us to bring this healing through our own body templates healing our own sexuality. Bringing it back into union, into sacredness. We were given a honey elixir in the etheric to take in our own timing and amount. We each had to agree and say "yes". As the golden liquid slid down our throats you could feel the light codes of this golden light upgrading our fields and systems instantly. I felt the letting go of our old body templates of dis-ease, unbalance and disharmony transform. A frequency vibrated and tingling moved through my cellular and DNA as the translations of these New body templates of health, regeneration, rejuvenation and higher concessions coded into my body. Allowing the group to access the greater templates and grids of the planetary, galactic and cosmic lightbody matrix and upgrading them all. As we took in our own healing at this level we were able to send it out to all the masculine, feminine, elementals, and beings of the earth. For we hold the transformation of it all. We were asked to take the lead as the feminine. For this time the Feminine will do this through love, kindness , and acceptance. Let the healing begin and the sacred union within self. 

There was a profound honoring to us, the elementals, star beings, animals, and emissaries of light. For there were many gathered around us in this moment. The support and unity I felt was in such totality, it is hard to describe in words. It was a deep feeling of completion. Many time loops coming together. I felt Celebration and such joy as we shared our joy with the elementals and the fairy beings around us. And they shared there's with us. We were asked to pick a little piece of purple and red Heather and a rock to bring the energy back with us. 

My heart flooded with emotion. It was sweetness... I felt the divine feminine as such softness, as an all accepting compassionate hug. For we were given Grace and now held it within us. Nothing to do but share it with you❤️??

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