Janus Figures on Boa Island - Sacred Site Tours: Mysterious Places of Power

Mysterious carvings from our pagan past. The Janus figures in Caldragh graveyard on Boa Island. Over 2000 years old and one of Ireland’s most famous stones. This is another one of those places where the veil is thin. These stones are powerful and there is an other worldly feeling that I have never felt before as I entered this site. The elementals here are not the usual. Deep and mysterious watching but not quick to communicate. Asking me to really let go and open to an unfamiliar energy. The message is that magic is not outside of you but something you are. Open to the unseen worlds and allow yourself to unlock what you have not yet allowed to come forward. You will visit us again and then you will be ready. Still processing and integrating this place and the magic it holds. .....  

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