Iona Nunnery: Divine Feminine

This is the Ruins of the Iona Nunnery. This place is special to me for many reasons and will always be part of my heart. I feel the Divine feminine here strongly like a place of gathering and respite of the outside world. A place of sisterhood and laughter. The Ladies of the Rose dwell here and you see it captured in the aura of this site. There is a peace that comes over me here. The place where the grail was ignited and anchored on earth for unity of God/Goddess and divine union, unity of realms, and the laying down of all weapons of war and control. A place of power in times before and in the now. If your lucky enough to have your feet touch upon magical Iona, you will feel the call of this site. 
I do small groups here and surrounding sacred sites throughout the year. If interested contact me on my website or pm me.

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