Be Compassion, Be Hope

We are in times where people are feeling vulnerable. They need to know that there is compassion, kindness and hope. They are getting stimulated with negative messages of fear and anxiety. So many changes that make them feel unsafe. As each person tries to free themselves from past struggles and hardships, from old identities and habits that are not in alignment with their souls. As governments and countries shift and change, because consciousness is shifting. Even if it can not be seen yet. People need to know that they are safe to change. Safe to let go when the outside world isn't quite reflecting the peace yet. The new's and social media like to remind people daily on how unsafe this change feels. How hopeless it is. Many know this is an illusion, yet its hard to remain strong when there is chaos and constant reminders of things not going well. Know positive change is eminent , there is no anchor of the old left to hold. Hold the hope for unity in our communities and open hearts that are ready to help when someone is down. Be that beacon of light, that soft hug, that gentle reminder that they are loved. Be the breath that reminds them to let go, to breathe, that there is nothing to do but be themselves. That Love is the biggest transformer. Really nothing else matters in the end but, how did you love? How did you open to receive it?. What wisdom did you gain in this journey and how did you share it?, You each have something special inside. Let it shine out. Let it touch as many hearts as you can. For you are the Light. The Leaders. The Wayshowers.

Picture taken on The Big Island, Hawaii

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