Cosmic Upgrade April 14th

We will be going through a big transformational period between now and the full moon on the 26th of April, and the few days after. This is a Scorpio full moon the moon of transformation and transcendence. These energies our pure source light, the Adamantine particles of transformational fire coming through our sun, activating and expanding our Chakra’s and chakra system, as well as our QI and spinal Column to hold more light and higher frequency. Equilibriums could feel off as the magnetic and neural body get upgraded to hold this frequency. This is a powerful time hitting us in a time when we are already pushed beyond our limits and comfort zone and most of us have surrendered any plans or agendas. This is a time of letting go all old programs, ancestral tapes, old safety mechanisms of control so the new can be anchored in. A time where past, present, future collide to manifest optimal pathways. So many of you are clearing up family programs....let them move to the past as they no longer need to be your story. Don’t hold the anger and pain instead transform it into love and wisdom. The anger and pain take your joy. They give negative energy to your body and cause havoc with your health. Instead send love to the parts of you that are still hurting, still holding onto the pain as your story. Give it permission to move on in love, you will find your way even if unfamiliar. Your soul knows the way and will guide you through the heart. Let the fear of the unknown go and take a step into the new. During this time you will be unifying even more internally. These powerful energies are not only a cataclysmic event that allows us to anchor in a new orientation point for our bodies in higher frequencies but also allows us to manifest in higher conscious ways of being. So focus on that which you want to create not that which is old, as those systems are crumbling even more in these higher vibrations of light. Eat in higher vibration and be kind to yourself and body. You may feel tired or have moments of feeling dizzy or off. This is just your body acclimating to a higher vibration or higher spin. Sometimes in these times our cells spin faster than our dense bodies and create a wobbly feel. Just send love to the body and allow moments of integration time, the body will get there. Use nature to help ground, water to let go and rest to integrate and reset in the new anchors of light. 


Much Love, 

Rose of Gaia

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