We are constantly mirroring and reflecting situations, behaviors and emotions to grow and learn from each other. If you find yourself in reaction then your reacting from past situations. Your in judgement letting your perception put a past story on a current event. This keeps you playing out the same story over and over. This keeps you repeating the past. The very thing you want to change. Stepping back, taking a breath and allowing yourself to really observe the situation and the emotions coming up in you, allows you to have a different outcome. To own your own emotions and know why this reaction is coming up in your external world that is a reflection of your inner one. What fear, behavior, belief do  you need to shift in you. It is never really about the other person, it always comes down to you. They are the mirror reflecting yourself back to you. When you do this, you truly allow the past to go and all the pain and trauma that is buried deep within you. You quit living from a past perception of wounding and are able to meet the situation in who you are now. From a place of being fully present, no agenda of the outcome, Grace and healing. This allows the mirror and reflection to change. To really see the situation and have compassion for yourself and the other person.  To allow yourself to be present in the now. Not ruled by emotions and behaviors of the past. To create beautiful reflections in the now. Change your perceptions. Change your world. It’s your story to create. 
Much Love,


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