Inner Transformation

Feeling radiant and full of so much light. Even as things crumble around me. It’s like I lost my operation bridge in 3D that use to work as I held higher vibration and could still operate in 3D. That seems to be more challenging now that I have made the shift and things not quite working as we let go of all programming and ways of doing things of old. Still even as this is happening I feel like I’m just observing and a surreal feeling as I witness the extremes. Like I am in the middle of two the old world and full of confusing chaotic energy, that I can’t relate too even as it’s being witnessed by me, and the other radiating so much light, nothing really matters. Just sitting in this Love bath as I let the other fade away and step even more into the light. So supportive, unconditional and accepting as we radiate that out to others that just can’t comprehend it yet. Be kind, be supportive, be unconditional, be the extreme so others can maybe feel even a touch of this beautiful energy even if they can’t comprehend it yet. They will. We are the first wave ❤️ the platinum, magenta opalescent ray anchored and beginning to wave across dimensions...we walk it, embody it, and expand it out. That is the way of the shift ❤️

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