Let it flow. Get outside. Travel the world and the unknown. Let nature spark your imagination and let creativity ripple out. Imagination is the gateway to higher intuition, to expanding your other senses. For if you can not imagine or comprehend it...then you can not  open up to the other realms and worlds there are to explore. Expand your other eyes and senses. For there is so much more to know then this tiny little world you see. Open up to more. Let rigidity go. 

In this picture I see sea castles and fairy’s fluttering about. Mystical and magical and I am pulled into another realm. What do you see? Let go and let your imagination open the door. 
This picture was taken off the coast of The Big Island of Laupahoehoe, A week before the volcano erupted. So many other worlds here to explore. Let yourself move into the world of the sea. Let it guide you into your magical flow. Have fun today let your imagination inspire you and open the door to higher guidance and consciousness.

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