Higher Chakra's Transforming Lower Chakra's-Body Support

The energy has been so amped the last couple of weeks. Our bodies are going through so many changes. The higher chakras opening to higher vibrations allowing the lower chakras to purge lower density structures of past and ancestral anchors. Pushing fears and limiting beliefs we are most resistant to, right to the top to be viewed. Reflections strong as you can’t run or hide from self as easily anymore. Forgiveness of self and others allows you to no longer empower the past, but take ownership of your emotions. To no longer be ruled from a reactive state but to choose where you want to place your power. As you rise in vibration...Symptoms of glandular shift can cause heart to palpate or beat irregularly, hormonal system to need extra support, body to be tired and need extra rest to reset. Can have cold or flu symptoms. Extra magnesium and potassium seem to be coming in for a lot of people. Bananas, bananas!! Eating more superfoods and life force foods can give the body what it needs to make these shifts as codes of light continue to download our DNA, consciousness and bodies. Most important is Love yourself during this time. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. No more sacrificing your self to please others. You matter. You matter. You matter. As the planets align and frequency gets even higher, you are the Phoenix rising from the ashes of old systems and patterns into the luminous being you were always meant to shine. Never rejected, abandoned or separate, that is an illusion of perception. You hold and are the spark of God. In entanglement with everyone and everything. That is the quantum we are now becoming aware of. You are love❤️ you are loved❤️ 
Much Love, 
Rose of Gaia 
Pic from Bealtaine at Uisneach site in Rathnew Ireland. 
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