Beautiful Iona

Beautiful Iona where I have come full circle in an amazing and unexpected journey. A place that has brought out a strength that I never knew was there. A loving embrace where the veil is thin and the messages are whispered deep in your soul if you listen. A place that has brought out my wild heart for me to express and connect to. For me to love wildly and with abandonment. This past year has taught me that. No matter the outcome if you love fearlessly and say yes to the journey, magical things will happen. They might not look like what you expected but beautiful all the same. Today a little grey and orange wren came through a tiny crack in my window of this little cottage in Iona I rented. At first we were both freaked because he was flying about hitting his head on the window trying to get out that same tiny crack. We both took a breath almost at same time and he perched on a bowl and looked me straight in the eye. I said ok what is your message? His message was, “if you open your window even a crack new things can come through. New things and new ways of doing things might seem frightening at first, but if you take a breath and connect magical things can happen. Don’t give up. Keep opening and showing your heart, keep loving and allowing, for it is seen. Yes it is seen! Don’t listen to their words, listen to your heart, to what you feel and know...there lies the truth. Even though your love may frighten or challenge some, it is deeply healing as well. For all you need is the tiniest opening to slip through. Authentic love is always felt and it is always healing even if in the tiniest, unseen ways”. He then calmly and I might say regally, flew to the window, looked at me once more and slipped right back out. There you have it from the tiniest little bird a powerful message. 
In looking up energy of wren: 
Wrens are the druids birds and considered sacred and ancient celtic symbol of mystery, determination, wisdom and bring lightning bolts of realization. ?‍♀️❤️?

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