The 12:12 Gateway

Working with AnNaRa aka (Clive) yes he likes it!! This is the skull that came to me a few years ago and has been working with me and other skulls in the oceans and on the earth to bring forth some of the new crystalline codes for humanity. He says humanity is ready for him and wants to share transmissions of light and wisdom out to you now. Today a new template is being anchored not only through my body but the mathematics, geometry and language of light is moving out to everyone. I am experiencing this transmission on the beautiful island of Iona in nature’s forces of Ice, sleet and wind as the purity portals open and move through the chakras of the earth and myself. Whew what a 12:12 as we take in these major upgrades letting it dissolve all other lower forms of reality and step into grace. Things will never be the same again. Embrace this shift. You got this❤ sending so much love to all of you as we stand together. I honor the master that you are and so honored to stand beside you as we rise and raise ourselves in vibrating love, respect, peace and harmony to all beings of the earth. Happy travels through 12:12 gateways of next few weeks and into 2020. Love yourself and spend the quiet moments you need to honor and reflect what your leaving behind and what your vibrating towards. Hold only what you want to bring towards you to experience next. For as we move out of the perception and concept of time there is only this moment. The moment is now!  
Much love❤


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