Divine Partnerships

We have a message for you on the shifting of the stigma placed on what is beauty, feminine and masculine. As I look around at all the woman and men around me I see beauty everywhere. I see women around me that are in their late 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s. They are sharp as tacks, full of wit and beauty. Some are letting their hair go white and they are emitting  a glow, a breath taking beauty that they are walking and embodying, as the feminine is being freed to be and become. I watch younger woman no matter what shape embodying security, confidence  and a grace that is new. I see men wanting more  authenticity from the feminine as they reach for their own truth. The  stigma of what it is to be feminine, what it is to be beauty is shifting as well. 
It is now time for the coming together of the true pairs. This is part of this shift. Those that are part of this know who you are. You have been busy doing your work on self, releasing judgements, becoming more authentic in who you innately are,  walking more and more in unconditional love, letting go of beliefs and patterns that have held you back in constrictions and restrictions,  a surrender has come over you, an allowing. You have journeyed this to prepare you for this time. For your beloved your true pair might not look like you think they should look. This is to release the final stigmas and constructs on what Love is. In times past many of you went by attraction and idea of pleasing and being  held to what others thought or society said should be on the other end of your arm. For what is beauty? What are you worthy of? So you went by attraction and tried to make them fit in a mold, tried to make them fit you.To find they never truly fit. It just didn’t work. For your soul wants more. To expand in love, in relationship. 
Your worthy of unconditional love, your worthy of walking your authenticity, fully being who you are. So these pairings might not look like what you are usually attracted to. Might not be the relationship you think it should be at first. This allows a becoming, a deeper connection. A learning to surrender and let go.  Some of you have already met and may have not activated yet. You came together early not yet activated to prepare each other and work together on final pieces. In order to move into a deeper relationship later. Some have yet to meet. You’ll know this person because their the first person you think of when you want to share something important. You have a love and connection you can’t quite explain but it’s there. They match you in vibration and mission to serve. These pairings heal the earth. They bring healing to the disfunction between the male/female relationships of old paradigms. They stand equal in partnership in divine union. Coming together having done their work to bring unconditional love back to the earth. Celebrate and be in joy as we move into the new earth. A new way of relating and being with ourselves and each other. 
Much Love, 
Ladies of the Rose

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