02.02.2020 Gateway: Quantum Leaps

We are in a time we can make quantum gains in our souls journey to love more, and create more joy for ourselves if we listen to where our heart wants to lead us. So much love is flowing onto the earth and thru us as the pure creational rays break through barriers and pour back onto our earth. Breaking down old systems of control and separation. We gather as one, each country connecting now to each other for we are not so different...and the ways that keep us separated, are starting to dissolve. Let go of judgements of religion, skin, heritage, and race for there are many ways to get there. Value others journeys and their wisdom they have gained within it. For it will not be just one way, but many voices that get us to health and thriving as a planet. Many beings of many races, coming together to bring their wisdom and mastery for the good of the whole. Memory of even why we kept ourselves separate or why we had judgement will begin to fade as we learn to honor and value each other. For there are many colors that make up the rainbow. Reach out to your Neighbor in times of need. Let them know you care. If you see someone struggling reach out and let them know they are not alone in this. For that is what leaps our planet, the coming together of souls in compassion. It spikes the earth grids and shifts the earth in ways you can’t quite conceive or comprehend yet.   In this time and quantum gateway that opened on 1/22  and builds in strength from 02/02/2020 thru 02/22/2020 you will experience even more waves of energy, body and awareness shifts. Some might experience time glitches as we experience these preparatory raises in our vibration and frequency. Magnetic and electrical fields will shift as well as our body’s relationship to them. Moving us towards a leap in our planet and our own awareness. Be kind to yourself and each other. We are all being pushed in ways that grow our souls, but it’s not to suffer or be in unhealthy relationships, it is to free yourself from old patterns and what no longer serves you. Don’t hide from the truth your divine self is lighting up for you to see.  Instead look deep. Go into the heart where the divine lives. It will guide you to your next step. Sometimes we fear where the path is taking us or that we got it wrong, as if that is even possible dear soul.  Let go of your doubts and trust where your heart sings, where your joy is, for that’s the heart leading you into freedom. It wants you to break free of suffering and struggle to experience deep soul love and joy. Freedom of peace and purpose. Listen for as you free yourself, you free the planet. Trust healthy and loving relationships. If they bring you joy and enhance you then they are right, if not then free your self. Don’t let past dictate your future. Allow your self the freedom to love fully and express fully the beauty that you are. Shine fully the light you are. For that is why you are here. To create beauty, love and light on this planet. To allow old systems to crumble that do not serve the whole, and bring new ones in of light and freedom. Lend your strength and love to others,  shine your truth and light. Express your passion and gifts, for each and every one of you is needed️ Trust that you are here for a reason and part of the shift. You are so loved❣️ 

Ladies of the Rose

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