Let Go Of Division

Division seems to be the energy we are working through during this powerful energy of Saturn and the lions gate. As we move through September we are still in this big energy. Be careful that others perceptions don’t take you off your own path or lead you away from what your are here to do. I think that we are at a time where we are led strongly on the path to our highest potential. I find as light workers sometimes we get so caught up in what we are led to do that we are not always in acceptance of other people’s paths, if they are not in alignment with ours. 

The fact is there are a few jobs to do at this time and we are each led to the job and energy we are here to hold. There are the truth seekers that are here to shine light on the truth. To bring forward the shadow in our systems and governments and shine light on the truth. To bring awareness to our politics, our medical system, our financial systems, our schools, our prisons, our environment, and animals. These are the warriors of light. They shine light on where we are holding separation and inequality. Then you have those that are holding the frame work, holding higher vibration, hope, and the energy of what we are moving towards. They can’t go down into the muck as much because they would loose that vibration. It’s not that their heads are buried in the sand or they don’t see the political or governmental issues they just can’t play there because they are not suppose to. Then you have those that are the bridges holding huge amounts of unconditional love, compassion and acceptance to help those in trauma and holding onto the past to let go. They are transformers. There only job is to hold this energy. Some are doing other jobs within this. The point is us as light workers need to be careful of judgement and energies that separate us even more. “Us and them energy”, Wrong or right”, “My way is the right way energy”. Know that each person is being guided to do the job they are here to do right now. Each equally relevant and moving us into higher states of consciousness. Each following their hearts and listening to their inner guidance. If you don’t know what that is. Just ask to be led to your highest path and what your here to do in love of self and through the heart in divine will not ego. Ask for your highest master level guidance to put you fully on your divine path. It might be different then your fellow light worker, but it’s your path. 

We are like the heron taking flight to parts unknown to our human self. But being given the strength and courage to let go of the past habits, beliefs, and actions that have gotten us here into such a state of disassociation, separation and disharmony with self. To fully surrender into trust and faith through divine will and our inner guidance system to direct us. We are the map makers. You first have to step into the higher vibration before you get the manual and how to operate. It is already Encoded in your DNA. The frequency and vibration you hold is what unlocks those operation codes, the manual per-say, the map. Don’t discount or minimize your path and the job your here to do. They are all important and they all lead us to higher vibration and frequency as beings of light. They lead us to harmony and peace but first we find that within ourselves. Trust and faith are internal as God resides within us. Our higher selves are us. That voice of God is internal and part of your voice. If you are living in and from the heart and not the mind, then know your being divinely guided and trust your part. Shine brightly who you are with no apology. Listen to your own inner guidance it’s perfectly in flow for you. Shine bright your star and take flight. 

With love️ 


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