Stepping Away For A Moment

I have only been in the states a few weeks now and have been trying to keep my own center ever since. Since landing in US, I was immediately thrown into a personal trauma, then surrounded in the amplified fear and unrest of COVID that seems to be higher in the States. If that wasn’t enough, we now are facing the devastation of the fires. Thousands loosing their homes and whole towns being destroyed. You can’t even breathe outside. The air hazardous with ash and smoke. 

Being both intuitive and an empath the noise is almost overwhelming. My compassion so strong that I could get lost in the overwhelming need to help. That prayer doesn’t seem to be enough. Even knowing that it’s not mine to fix or even transform, that it is part of a bigger structure. The old making room for the new to rebuild in ways we don’t fully understand yet. 

I find that background noise always there running in a disharmonious way that I didn’t experience in Ireland. The difference of opinions so strong here in US, in the need to be heard, that I feel a constant tug a war in the chaos that is everywhere and the volume is turned up to the highest. So much judgement, and light workers putting each other down, separation instead of support. “my way”, or delete me as your friend energy. I’m like what happened to “there are many ways to get there”, “follow your own truth”, “live your life, I accept you”. Just plain kindness and unconditional love. Even though I know it’s just the many roles playing out, I found myself needing to step away for a moment...To go inside and To quiet the noise. To self care so I can be strong when needed. When I did that I felt a softness, a gentle energy. I feel like it’s the feminine saying I’m here. It’s quiet, it’s soft, gentle, flowing in healing energy. It’s there underneath all the madness saying I’m here for you. Don’t forget about the balance. The male energy is action pushing change forward, stirring it all up. The feminine is holding the healing, the gentleness that makes it safe to let it all go. 

The mother welcoming you onto her lap for that well needed hug. To let you know it’s all going to be ok. She Wipes your tears and let’s you know you are strong and courages. That love is the most powerful tool. Peaceful power anchored in your truth, your heart, for there really is nothing to fight. For the mirror is only shining you. Can you feel her energy underneath the noise? Can you welcome this energy into you? Let this wellbeing healing energy into every cell of your body. Breathe, let go...breathe love into every cell. Let this energy raise vibration and transform everything inside of you to spill out and bring change outside of you. We are all here together to bring this shift and healing forward. Not one more important than the other. We are doing this together. Don’t forget your neighbor and the important work they may be doing. One piece does not reveal the picture. It takes many pieces of many shapes and colors to make a beautiful picture. Allow, don’t be quick to judge or dismiss. Love each other’s differences. Let the picture have time to reveal itself in divine glory. 

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