In this world of duality We have been taught to believe in separation of everything. Many have been made to feel that they don’t matter or that they are not good enough, that we have to be something else other than ourselves to be accepted. The constant battle to fill ourselves up with things outside ourselves. To sacrifice ourselves in the need to please another. As we move into a higher conscious state of being, we realize this is the greatest lie. When we start to walk our own healing journey of self love and we accept all parts of ourselves we move into wholeness. As we love ourselves fully, only then can we truly walk in harmony and partnership with another. Only by knowing ourselves deeply can we not loose pieces of ourselves in another’s idea of who we should be. This time on this earth plane is about healing the pain, trauma and wounding that keeps us in a perception of separation. To be the being God created us to be, perfect just as we are. The truth is we are not separate we are connected to everything around us. Where you want to put your conscious thoughts is a choice. When more and more of humanity come to this realization then maybe we can lay those weapons down and be at peace. Realizing that love really is stronger than hate, acceptance much more beautiful than judgement and unity the truth over the illusion of separation. The search for control and power is just an illusion you can never really attain. Those energies just consume you. For what you believe and walk is what you create in your outside world. It’s just your mirror. When you let judgement go then you no longer feel judged. You no longer have to feel “right”, to know you matter. When you truly love yourself then you see love in the eyes of those around you. When we start to hold higher vibrations of love and joy then fear dissipates as lower frequencies can’t hold the same space. Shift your perception, shift your frequency, shift your world.

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