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May 7th - May 23rd 2020


I am so excited to introduce this trip! This one has been a long time coming and spirit opened the doors to do it in May. All the stars aligned with approval. We have private time for sunset meditation within the ancient stones of Stonehenge, which I have been trying to get for years. It is finally ready for us to align with Gaia and activate.

The earth contains places of exceptional power and energy. We will walk many of these sacred places of power and magic on this trip as we tap into ancient civilizations that once lived on this earth. These mystic realms and dimensions connect to us through energy lines and power nodes of the earth. Join me as we travel the sacred lines of Magdalene, Jesus, Templar, Tuatha De, and many more, as we discover the secrets embedded in them of civilizations long forgotten. There will be some fun surprises along the way, as well as, exploring ancient temple sites, stone circles, dolmens (star gates), castles and other sacred sites.

This journey is about self-exploration and allowing these different magical and powerful sites to unlock your own inner wisdom and keys, leading to self-growth, love of self and thus real change. Amazing shifts can happen at these ancient power sites, where the soul of a person meets the soul of the universe. If you listen, these sites have much wisdom to share.

We will start this trip in beautiful Austria, where the Sound Of Music was filmed, and home to Mozart. We begin in Vienna Austria, taking in the history and beauty of this breathtaking city. Then heading onward to Salzburg full of history, art, and music. An ancient city with many energy sites to explore, including a night with Mozart and dinner. We will then move on to Prague and Cesky Kromlov in the Czech Republic, exploring mystic stone circles, castles, and pilgrimage sites. A place of powerful realm access and portal energy.  Next, we will head to Krakow Poland where we will spend the day in a potent ionic Salt mine where everything is carved out of salt; Chandeliers, statues, chapels, walls, and rivers of salt. truly an amazing magnetic place. After, we will bring in the dragon lines at a place of myth and legend known as the dragon caves. And famous majestic Ojcowski National Park. We will end our Journey in England with our own private time for our group with a private meditation inside the ancient stones of  Stonehenge. We will then spend time seeing other powerful stone circles and enter into the other realm of Avalon in Glastonbury. A place that 144 ley lines of the earth intersect. A true portal into other realms. The Michael Tor is where the bridge happened between the worlds of Glastonbury (Avalon) and Shasta (Lemuria). Aligning a dimensional portal connecting the realms on our earth. This is a trip of a lifetime; I hope you join me and I will see you there!

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The Cost: $5,875. This price includes Airfare from Portland to Vienna and from England to Portland, Airfare from Krakow to England, (flying from another city, I can adjust flight and rate),  Mercedes 20 passenger air conditioned bus, transfer fees, Hotel rooms with shared 2pp to room, (own room available for extra charge), private local guides and drivers, all entry fees to castle’s, parks and sacred sites, breakfast’s at hotels are included and 3 entertainment dinners. This price also includes activation's and meditations from me, as spirit directs. Private sessions are available with me for emotional support, help releasing, or for upgrades on certain days at a 20% discount.

$2,000.00 Deposit holds your spot. I am only taking 10 people on this trip and everything has to be prepaid in advance, so I need to know if you’re interested as soon as possible. If you need to make other deposit arrangements please contact me. Don’t let money stop you, we will work on manifesting it for you if you feel called to go.


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Spots are limited to 10  people so make your reservations well in advance to secure your place


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May Itinerary (Austria, Czech, Poland & England) Itinerary for May 7th - May 23rd 2020

Journey through Austria, Czech, Poland & England
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